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Africa IPPA-Nigeria Update

December 20, 2006

Dear IPPA Donors and Friends:

We would like to use this medium to express our profound thanks to you for
your concerns and encouragement when bandits broke into Initiative for
Public Policy Analysis’s (IPPA) office four weeks ago.

What were stolen, computer hard disks, laptop and valuable files, clearly
revealed the intention of the criminals: to cripple IPPA’s activities and
break the organisation resolved to seek practical solutions to multitude
of problems militating against building a prosperous nation. We have
further remained emboldened to continue the work we do.

As you would be reading the reports of IPPA’s activities in 2006 in the
subsequent paragraphs, IPPA would like to further seek your support for
the critical and urgent work of the organisation. Since 2001, the
organisation has become Nigeria’s premier free market organisation. We
need to do all we can to explain to majority of people that Nigeria and
indeed Africa does not need foreign aid to develop and that what is vital
is creating a business friendly environment with a clear and greater role
for the private sector to drive the economy.

In 2006 IPPA conducted two different research projects. The first is on
“Why Informal Business Springs up in Nigeria” and “Pension Reform in
Nigeria.” This is in addition to the publishing the Nigeria version of
Johan Norberg’s award-winning book: “In Defence of Global Capitalism.”
These projects were slated for publication this December. That was
thwarted by IPPA office break in. Eventually these publications would go
to the press in the first quarter of 2007.

During the first quarter of 2006, IPPA hosted the author of the
award-winning Free Market Odyssey, Jonathan Gullible, Ken Schoolland.
While in Nigeria, IPPA organised several high-profile speaking engagements
for him including his lecture at the prestigious Lagos Business School,
the University of Lagos and media interview.

The yearly essay competition witnessed an increase in the number of
entries received and prizes that were offered.

This year IPPA also conducted a six-month study on “Entrepreneur Vs.
Poverty.” The six month study in collaboration with Independent Institute
examined a group of people mostly women who engaged in selling and
designing of a locally made cloth, popularly called Adire. The business
has actually succeeded in lifting them out of poverty far more than other
interventions embarked upon by all tiers of government.

IPPA’s newsletter has now been elevated to an online Magazine, The
Enterprise. The magazine is awashed with incisive commentaries and
articles. The first two issues had already been published. Its
publication, which is for now monthly would hopefully, depending on
availability of resources be, published bi-monthly from the second quarter
of next year. In the first quarter of 2007, the official website of The
Enterprise magazine would equally be launched.

It has been acknowledged the devastating effect of malaria in economic
development of any nation. A sick people cannot work. To halt this trend
and create hope where none seems to exist, IPPA collaborated with Free
Africa Foundation to flag off the pilot programme of Malaria Free Zones in
West Africa by spraying the communities with insecticides, partnering with
a local drug maker to provide malaria drugs to the communities.

The pilot programme had already been flagged off in three villages in
Nigeria and one village in Benin Republic. In addition, IPPA has further
assisted the villages to identify economically viable businesses that the
inhabitants can engage in to generate additional incomes.

In order for IPPA to increase its current level of activities and projects
for the next year, the organisation needs funds and your support to really
make that happened. If you had been reading our newsletters and now our
online magazine that goes to over 7,000 plus people then you know how
critical and important the work of IPPA in environment such as ours.

For the organisation to achieve more, it requires effective educational
programs (such as conferences, seminars, and workshops across the nation)
as well as private and small group meetings with opinion-molders, the
media, and policy-makers.

There are several ways you could support IPPA’s efforts. The truth is that
IPPA would not have been able to achieve what it had achieved over the
years without your support.

It is for this reason that we turn to you, IPPA donors and friends,
requesting you to support its efforts to expand its programs and
activities in 2007.

To support IPPA or make enquiry, please email for

On behalf of IPPA team, we would like to wish Merry Christmas, enjoyable
Holiday Season and all the best of 2007.

Thompson Ayodele
Executive Director
Initiative for Public Policy Analysis
P.O.Box 6434
Cell:080 2302 5079
*****Good Public Policy is Sound Politics**********

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