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About Us

Smokers Club Inc. is borne out of interest to cater for the needs, rights, and health of smokers globally.  Dating back to the early 2000s and spearheaded by Samantha Phillipe who died some years ago. Right now, the community is being revived by Jonathan, Michael McFadden, Emmanuel and a host of others.

Back then, a lot of people were involved in this project and we’ll love to have everyone back into this community. We aim for a Smokers Club like the times of Samantha, as it is still guided by the same philosophy and ideals she believes in. A lot of people believed Smokers Club Inc died with Samantha, no it didn’t. It may take time and effort, but the community will come back to life.

Wherever smokers are, we want to bring them together into this community to discuss and debate about their right, safety, and the future. We may not be able to replicate the immense successes and achievements of Samantha. What we would do is justice to her dreams, by contributing our quota to the community that serves as a solace for many in the time past.

Samantha newsletters will be back. It may not be a weekly thing as it was back then, but will always be sent out as at when needed. In the main time, Smokers Club will be focused on three important areas; 

Smokers Right

Smokers are one of the greatest victims of discrimination in modern times. The society may to a large extent have an impact on how we behave but there is a need for a limit on what it states. As smokers, we have the right to decide how we consume Tobacco and Nicotine. People will always find a minority to hate, in this instance, smokers are the ones. That’s why Smokers Club as a section devoted to discussing the right of smokers by coalescing the views of Anti-smokers and Pro-Tobacco.

Smokers Health

Different figures and statistics flying about the health effects of smoking on the body. Therefore, it is pertinent and important to seek the truth from the growing number of information flying around. There’s nothing without an effect on the body but the effect must be what the human body can sustain. Looking at these issues, Smokers Club is poised at dousing concerns and fears about smoking effects on the body.

Smoking Gadgets

As technology develops, so also is the number of innovative smoking gadgets available to smokers. That’s why we’ve created a new section majorly for this purpose. To look at the bigger picture and deduce the features, pros, and cons. This will go a long way to assist smokers to make the right choice from the multitude of smoking gadgets available.

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