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Bongs are unequivocally every vaping enthusiast’s best friend. Being one of the finest smoking devices, they promise a combination of smooth and cool vapors all the while retaining the intensity and flavors of smoke.

Among their winning highlights is the water pipes that help conserve supplies. Though they can often be expensive, in most cases they are worth the extra bucks. You can pick from a range of attachments based on the kind of bong you use, to take your smoking experience up a notch.

While some attachments are meant for filtration purposes; others are designed to help with diffusion. With that said, take a look at 5 best bong accessories or attachments you might want to explore moving forward

1. Percolators – Bong Accessories


Depending on the make and style – some percolators do the basic job of catching the ash while also doing a little filtration work. Then there can be more complex/sophisticated ones that add filtration and diffusion (something that many bongs might not have to begin with).

Therefore, it might be a good idea to buy a bong or a dab rig that comes with a percolator. However, if you don’t buy one with a percolator already or have a broken one – there’s no need to spend big bucks on a brand new bong or dab rig. You can go with an ash catcher or percolator attachment.

A percolator does the job by cooling the smoke down via added filtration. It also evens out the smoke flow through a bunch of adjustable holes for that bespoke and smooth smoking experience. While there are dozens of options to choose from, Big Daddy Smoke has some of the coolest and most functional pieces ever available on their site.

2. Dab torches – Bong Accessories

If you wish to transform your bong into a dab rig, you are going to need a torch. A torch heats the dab to the correct temperature. Depending on the type/quality of the dab torch you can get myriad functions like safety measures, temperature control, refillable fuel cells, etc.

Dab Torches
Dab Torches

The whole idea behind getting a dab torch is to make your life easier. Therefore, be sure to get your hands on the kind that comes with at least some amount of temperature control.

It will allow you to enjoy flavorful hits. The ability to adjust the intensity of smoke also keeps you from accidentally damaging your lungs from consuming excessive heat; not to mention it will also protect your rig from damage.

3. Male to Female Adapters – Fit Any Accessory

Among the most common problems you are likely to face when attempting to upgrade your bong with any accessories out in the market – is the difficulty in finding an attachment that fits right.

Male-Female Adapters
Male-Female Adapters

This mostly happens because the joint is often the wrong size or the wrong gender. A quick fix to that is – male to female adapters. These are specifically designed to combat this particular problem.

This accessory can be a true lifesaver. It should allow all kinds of attachments to fit with just about any joint that you have. Just be sure to purchase the right size and the possibilities would be practically endless

Are These Adapters Truly Worth It?

First off, these adapters are quite inexpensive. You can get them for as low as $10. You could even get them for less than that. Just by adding this adapter, you can transform your bong into a universal piece that can fit almost all attachments available in the market.

4. Ash Catchers – Bong Accessory

These are water pipe attachments meant to prevent unwanted ashes from entering the bong. An ash catcher might come with a percolator, but it doesn’t always. You can attach these to your bong’s stem right around where the slide is present. You can then attach the bowl to its end.


The biggest benefit of this accessory is your bong will remain clean for longer periods. Not just that, you will also experience a smoother and cooler smoke by adding an extra layer of filtration and diffusion.

Buying an Ash Catcher That Fits Your Bong

While buying an ash catcher, it’s crucial to be mindful of picking the one that’s just the right size. Look specifically for the fitting size at the end of it. Male joints fit with female ones and vice versa. Most bongs have a female joint. That means you are going to need a male joint ash catcher.

The opposite holds true for bongs with male joints. Most of these attachments will state the exact size and gender so there’s no confusion.

5. Quartz Banger

A quartz banger is supposed to transform even the oldest style bong into a dab rig. These are designed to endure high temperatures involved in dabbing. That’s what makes them such a great tool/accessory for a bong attachment. It’s definitely an option worth exploring if you particularly enjoy the act of dabbing.

Quartz Banger
Quartz Banger

Most quartz bangers can maintain a recommended dabbing temperature of 350F to 750F. However, because of their material (quartz), they can often lose the heat quickly leading to the need of reheating them before you go for a second hit. For some people, this can seem problematic.

But, it’s a small price to pay, seeing you get to enjoy an awesome smoking experience by turning regular water bong into a dab rig that can handle extracts like a pro.

If you still don’t want to deal with the frustration of having to reheat over and over, you can always go with ceramic and titanium nails. You can attach these to the bong and they will hold the heat better.

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how one small addition can completely transform your vaping experience. These attachments/accessories are meant to give you top-of-the-line enjoyment.

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