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Tennessee Hawkins County Update

Hawkins County Commission approves courthouse smoking ban


ROGERSVILLE – For the first time since its construction in 1836, the Hawkins County Courthouse is a smoke-free facility.

The Hawkins County Commission voted 16-5 Monday in favor of a resolution designating both the main courthouse and the adjoining courthouse annex as smoke-free. Originally the resolution called for all county buildings to be smoke-free, but it was amended by Commissioner Charlie Newton, who introduced the resolution, so as to exclude the small buildings at county convenience centers that are used by employees.

According to officials, every other county building had already been designated smoke-free, including the schools, maintenance shops and jail complex.

Contrary to Monday’s report in the Times-News that stated about half the commission consists of smokers, as of the August election there were actually only three smokers remaining on the commission.
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