Fight Smoking Bans


Antis: How to fight them

Fight Smoking Bans

Be pro active instead of reactive.

There are only a few Antis taking rights away from a lot of people. There are a lot of smokers, and even more non-smoking folks who are fed up with the Antis taking away personal freedom.
The antis are well funded and do this for a living. When a smoker or non-smoker doesn’t like being told what to do on their own property, the Antis reply by screaming that the person must be a front for “Big Tobacco.”

Any opinion other than theirs is wrong and you are not allowed to ask why. Think of the bully in the school yard when you were a kid. This is what he’s grown up to be. He knows people will do what he says because he’s lied so much that most sheeple take the lies as truth without question.

When you ask for proof of his statements, he enters into his magic act of deceit, smoke and mirrors. Listen carefully for his real message… “Because I said so.”
If you already have parents and don’t want more, force this bully to give you the proof to backup his statements.


Fight Antis

How To Fight Anti-tobacco

Smokers stand alone against the antis, and the dishonest state that supports them — for now. But we are millions, and many non-smokers are getting sick and tired of the anti-tobacco propaganda. Business operators fight back. And the truth on the frauds of the cartel continues to emerge.

Reflections On “Fair Fighting”

We are fighting an enemy which has no morality, and no sense of honour and justice. Our enemy does not hesitate to falsify information, circumvent or alter due process, and destroy our livelihoods, families and social lives when it serves its purpose. Our enemy believes that fear, intolerance and intimidation are the only way to go in order to force its opponents into submission.

Samples of Nazi points

to use when writing a persuasive letter about smoking.

Watching The Enemy

One of the most important elements when fighting a war is the awareness of what our enemies are up to.

List of Anti Groups

Know who they are, what they are doing, and see their blueprints on how to take away your freedom.

Putting The Pressure On The Hospitality Industry

It is sad that hospitality industry operators have become the unwilling battleground between fascism and freedom, and we feel very sorry for them all. But certainly, they cannot blame us for having started it.


Usually Ineffective

Electronic Warfare: Internet As A Battleground

Because of its global nature, the Internet cannot be censored. This, of course, worries the control freaks a great deal, for information manipulation is how the cartel can influence public opinion. Without manipulations, the truth comes out, and the fabricated anti-tobacco arguments inevitably fall with a loud crash.

Information You Need To Fight Back

For freedom-fighters, smokers, and friends! Take whatever you need from this website to help fight the lies and misinformation used by the nico-Nazis to encroach upon individuals and business owners. Get active if you value your rights. Arm yourself with the truth and take up the banner wherever and whenever tyranny rears its ugly head.

War On Smokers

Let’s stop the feigned ignorance of the awful effects of the War on Smokers. These are not isolated examples; they are the result of a decades-long, taxpayer-financed, state-sponsored crusade in which professional activists are paid to promote intolerance and hate.

Fighting The Antis

The quest for freedom from oppression is a very emotional issue for all of us. However, emotion tends to cloud judgment, and we often say things that may be best left unsaid. In many cultures, the person who shows emotion automatically assumes an inferior position. There’s a time and place for it, but when debating anti-smokers it can help to take the emotion out of the equation.

 The Case Against Smoking Bans 

The “Health Advocates,” of course, will attempt to convince you (through unsupportable– though seemingly scientific-sounding inference) that the health or  the very lives of these workers are at stake.  This is hyperbolic nonsense, as  our paper intends to prove, but as a weapon in the ongoing war against smokers, it’s their heaviest Heavy Gun.  And legislatures everywhere have felt it pressed to  their spines.  We urge them to read our paper: it’s their bullet-proof vest.

Fight Employment Smoking Bans

From: Workplace Rights-Lifestyle Discrimination:

1.Prohibited Practices:

1.1 It shall be illegal for an employer to discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of that person’s conduct during non working hours away from the employer’s premises or on the basis of personal characteristics unless that conduct or characteristic affects the person’s ability to properly fulfill the responsibilities of the position in question.

1.2 No employer shall collect information about the off-duty behavior or personal characteristics of employees or applicants which would not be a legitimate basis for personnel decisions under section 1.1.

(Lifestyle discrimination are from a “model” legislative proposal drawn up by the ACLU and are not actual law.)


As of 1997 there are 28 states that legally prohibit employers from hiring/firing employees due to their off-work smoking status. They are: Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

In ANY state not on that list, employers can choose not to hire smokers–or not to hire non-smokers–if they want to. If the boss is a smoker, he or she could just as easily choose to hire only smokers for jobs in his/her company. It cuts both ways. Only job discrimination based on ethnic background, religion, political party, age, gender (and sometimes sexual preference) is prohibited in all states. Smokers are NOT a protected class with regard to jobs unless there is specific state legislation that protects them.

If your state is not on the list, contact your legislator about sponsoring a law to prevent job discrimination.


Fighting Anti-Tobacco In The Workplace: Hire Smokers

The workplace has been one big target of the anti-tobacco cartel. The statistical frauds on the “dangers” of secondhand smoke have been heavily used to deprive smokers of their right to light up on the job, where the beneficial effects of tobacco are most useful to relief stress. Increasingly, companies and public agencies seek to control private behavior by firing people who smoke or refusing to hire smokers — including those who smoke only outside the workplace.


Lifestyle Discrimination in the Workplace

Your right to privacy under attack.


Your Rights on the Job

Employers are free to restrict smoking in the officeplace. They can ban it outright or restrict it to designated areas. In fact, some states ban smoking from all common areas, such as:

  • cafeterias
  • office reception areas
  • kitchens and rest rooms

Some employers allow people to smoke in their individual offices. Some employers forbid smoking anywhere in the office.

While an employer can restrict smoking in the workplace, some states have laws that protect smokers from discrimination. That means that an employer can’t reject an applicant because he or she is a smoker. It doesn’t mean that employees get to smoke anytime or anywhere they want during work hours.

In some states, such as Georgia, however, an employer can reject smokers and insist that they refrain from lighting up on and off the job. That policy may be difficult to enforce, but it’s legal so long as workers are adequately informed when they take the job.

Your Rights As A Smoker In New York

New York State is one of many states that enacted law to protect workers, smokers among them, from being fired due to engaging in legal off-hours activities. New York State employees are fortunate in this respect. There are states that can refuse to hire you or choose to fire you if you smoke even while you are at home. Be aware of what your rights are.

Fight Your Apartment or Condo
Smoking Bans

We would advise you to seek a free consultation with a Real Estate Attorney. However, there are some common sense things that you can do yourself first.

1) If you are renting/leasing an apartment or condo and the landlord says you can smoke, insist that it be written in the lease. Just because they say you can smoke now doesn’t mean that 3 months down the road they will not change their minds. I would add to the lease that ‘as long as I reside in my apartment/condo it will be considered a smoking residence”. Have the landlord sign the lease with these additions.

2) When buying a Condo/Timeshare Unit insist that you see all the applicable ‘Deed Restrictions” before signing anything. Read them carefully and if you do not understand them, please take them to an attorney before signing. A tactic that is often seen is you buy, then get shown the deed restrictions. If they do not want to show you the deed restrictions, the red flag should go up and you need to find another place. By law, they have to show you what are you buying into.

3) If you already own a Condo/Timeshare Unit and they are now going Smoke Free, read your deed restrictions. This is probably more apt to happen to Timeshare Units than Condo’s. . If there is nothing in the deed restrictions then you may be “Grand Fathered In” which means you go by your old deed restrictions. Again, you may want to check with an attorney. However, if you have a deed, make them fight you, rather than you fighting them.

The most important thing is Ask Questions! Don’t be intimidated into buying or leasing anything you are not comfortable with. If they are honest they will have absolutely no problem addressing your concerns.

By Cher Silvia

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