Fat: UK Ban fat customers from fast food restaurants


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‘Ban fat customers from fast food restaurants like bartenders ban drunks from bars,’ says weight loss expert…

‘Ban fat customers from fast food restaurants like bartenders ban drunks from bars,’ says weight loss expert

Steve Miller, presenter of Sky’s Fat Families, says shock tactics are needed to help combat the obesity epidemic

Says fast food chains should implement training for staff to help them refuse obese customers in a ‘delicate and forthright’ manner

He likened it to bartenders refusing to serve drunk people in a bar

Called for penalties and ‘improvement notices’ to encourage chains

He said: ‘This is not about being cruel, it’s about saving people’s lives’
 Fast food restaurants should ban obese people from gorging on junk food to shock start their weight loss, an expert said today.

Steve Miller, presenter of Fat Families, told Mail Online said his radical idea is not aimed at shaming those who are overweight, but rather at saving lives.

He said employees at chains including McDonalds and KFC should be trained to refuse to serve overweight customers in a delicate but forthright manner.

‘There is no doubt fast food restaurants have their regular customers who may at times be significantly obese,’ he told MailOnline.

‘Common sense would say to us that person eating an absolute load of junk is significantly putting their health at risk.

‘Therefore, what I am lobbying fast food restaurants for, is to empower their staff to refuse to serve them.’
But he said as part of the overhaul of attitudes he wants to see fast food restaurants introduce healthier options.

‘This is not about being cruel,’ Mr Miller said. ‘It is about saving people’s live.

‘I know it is radical, however, I am a bit fed up with Government health education. There is so much common sense, but no one seems to own it.

‘People need to start owning their own bodies. The only way to reduce obesity is by using shock tactics.’
Mr Miller said while radical at its core, his idea does not involve shaming those who are overweight.

He has offered his expertise free of charge to any of the fast food giants, who are interested in helping improve the health of their customers.


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