Russia Should be Commended for not Feeding into the Pharmaceutical Nicotine Special interests

Contrary to this Russian editorial opinion article, the Russian government should be commended for not caving into the hype, hysteria, and gross exaggerations about secondhand smoke.
Air quality test results from around the world and published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) confirm that secondhand smoke is actually 2.6 – 5,000 times SAFER than Occupational Safety & Health workplace air quality standards. 

The special interest groups that fund the smoking ban movement have questionable financial ties to the pharmaceutical nicotine industry which manufactures products such as Nicoderm, Nicoderm CQ; their motives for reduction of tobacco use are purely profit driven.

 These same special interest groups have also funded researchers internationally to produce exaggerated and fabricated results to bolster their agenda…….but it is a profit driven agenda pure and simple. 

Voluntary reduction of tobacco use is a noble endeavor, but to use lies and exaggerations to persuade politicians that smoking bans are necessary is an unforgivable crime……..especially given the financial devastation these bans leave in their wake. 

Originally written By: Mark Wernimont
Minnesota USA

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