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Michelle Obama lunch standards update…

Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program Now Faces Organized Opposition from Hungry High Schoolers

The school lunch program First Lady Michelle Obama championed, the one she claimed would provide “more whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, and less fat and sodium and set sensible calorie limits” is instead leaving students hungry. And they’re not gonna take it anymore.

As we’ve previously reported,students and parents are fed up and have posted pics of the skimpy meals on Twitter.
So we get fed like children. Thanks Michelle Obama.@MichelleObama
— Bailey (@BaileyBeewee) October 28, 2014

I’d like to thank @MichelleObama for this delicious school lunch. Sure was filling
— Martin Hooi (@martinhooi) May 6, 2013

Now one school in Wisconsin is taking it a step further. D.C. Everest High School senior Meghan Hellrood organized “pack-a-bag” day, where students brought in their own lunches to boycott the cafeteria’s lunches, which she says consist of “small portions of very processed foods.”

Meghan told Fox News that students “are sometimes given a box of raisins as the fruit portion.” She contends that the choices aren’t any healthier overall, and that:

“[Athletes] are not performing as well as they could, and people’s test scores are going down because they’re hungry throughout the day.”


Originally written By Jennifer Van Laar

Students at the school “came together to make bagged lunches for kids who can’t afford to bring their own lunch every day, and they have received donations from the community.”
Bringing a lunch from home is one way to get around the inadequate school lunches, as long as the government or u nions stays out of lunch bags. There have been incidents in North Carolina and Illinois where students’ packed lunches have been confiscated by school officials who claim they don’t meet nutritional guidelines.
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