Whose Life is it Anyway on 60 Minutes

I sent this to 60 minutes
I saw the piece on Weyco. Timely.
A WEYCO Rep had come to see me at my office. I own a mid-size business and we have been looking for an insurance service company to provide and manage employee benefit plans for our employees.
Based on the interview with 60 minutes and their smoking policy, they have lost the contract which would have totalled millions per year in revenue for Weyco. They lose it based on their bigotry toward smokers and I will be calling the sales rep personally and giving him an earful.
Likewise, we refuse to do business with any of Weyco’s partners or other providers and I will personally be contacting them all: CuraNet, Medications Canada, Assurant Health, Sparrow, PPOMidwest, Sagamore, HAP, ProMedica, FrontPath, Detroit Medical Center, CuraNet, DenteMax, Preferred Choices, Beech Street.
Weyco’s policy is a violation of constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Smoking is not illegal. I am the owner and I am a smoker. I also drink beer and have sex in more than one position (is that against “Adolf Hitler Weyers” policy too?)
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