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We would like to see an independent study by an equal amount of smokers and non-smokers, and equally funded by smokers and non-smokers rights organizations with regard to the health issues of second hand smoke.

Since smokers pay more taxes than non-smokers, we would like to see proper ventilation systems installed in all work places (where possible, some business just don’t have the space) including government work places to provide a comfortable place for smokers to smoke.

Since smokers pay the same price for airline tickets as non-smokers, we would like to see comfortable smoking area in airports.

We would like to see a stop to the government deciding whether a person’s own establishment should be smoke free. That is the business of the owner. If the owner of a restaurant or any other business decides “his own” business should be smoke free, then okay. It’s his decision.

We would like to see a stop to the negative advertising of smoking until true studies have been done. Most, if not all of the studies conducted on the hazards of smoking and the hazards of second hand smoke have been funded by organizations that have an agenda for getting into deep pockets and controlling people lives.

Under no circumstances should any government authority be able to tell people that they cannot smoke in their own homes, apartments or cars, regardless if there are children present. It’s their lives. It’s their decision.

Outdoor sporting events should have smoking and non-smoking seating sections.

Designated smoking areas in outdoor places such as, parks, beaches, Disney Land etc., is absolutely STUPID.

Insurance companies should not be able to all of a sudden raise rates for business that allow smoking. This just happened recently to a business in the Lansing area. This person’s insurance company said “Okay if you are going to allow smoking then your rate is going up. They could not afford to stay in business and pay that rate, so they had to switch to a non-smoking establishment. How controlling is that??????????

There should be smoking flights for destinations over 2 ½ hours.

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Fight Smoking Bans
Be pro active instead of reactive.
There are only a few Antis taking rights away from a lot of people. There are a lot of smokers, and even more non-smoking folks who are fed up with the Antis taking away personal freedom.

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Please print out the Ban Damage Page (Deaths, Injuries, Rape, and more) and the Ban Loss Database (Money and business lost due to bans) and bring them to your politicians. Tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This failed experiment in human behavior is killing people and it has to stop now. Death certificates from “smoking” are zero, while death certificates from smoking bans and making a legal product un-politically correct are rising.

His name is James Blake Miller,
God Bless him.


Book Review

I just finished reading Michael McFadden’s book titled “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains” and it is a must read!! Michael does a superb job in explaining the outrageous motivations of the Anti Smoking movement.

The general public needs to be made aware of the outright ‘lies’ being feed to us by the Anti’s and the politicians. I urge you to read it and tell everyone else you know to do so also.

Whether you are a smoker or not, you should have a very real concern about the Anti-smoking Crusaders and Big Pharmaceutical Companies politics to trample on our freedoms!
You can order Michael’s outstanding book by going to: http://www.antibrains.com

Smoking Bans – Desires VS. Rights

Terry Gray – President – Forces Kentucky.

When debating the pros and cons of smoking bans, we need to ask whether it makes sense to protect and defend private individuals’ rights to their property. If we agree that private property rights should be protected, then we should make a clear distinction between private property and public property.

Omitting legal jargon and using common sense, private property belongs to a private owner, and public property belongs to the public or to some government entity that represents the interests of the general public.

Those who favor smoking bans prefer to consider bars and restaurants to be public property simply because the public is invited to visit those establishments. However, opponents of smoking bans recognize that the invitations to the public are by the graces of the private owners, and the property remains private property.

Let’s consider for a moment that you own a home and that you consider your home to be your private property. Do you give up your private property rights when you tell someone to, “Drop by any time?” What if you also tell that person to, “Bring some other folks along?”

Have you just issued a standing invitation to the public? Is your home no longer private and now considered to be public property? Where do we draw the line?

There is confusion between public property and private property primarily because some people, such as anti-smoking proponents, want to elevate their desires to the level of being legal rights.

They choose to ignore what should be a clear distinction between private and public property so they can pretend that private businesses are actually owned by the public, thereby giving the public the right to control the use of the property while preventing the true property owner from controlling the use of his own property.

Many business owners who take the risks and pay the price of ownership of their business property are suffering in areas of the country where smoking bans have been put into force. Those who promote smoking bans fail to see (or don’t care) that their desires for sweeping smoke-free environments are causing hardships for honest, hard-working people and their families. They fail to see (or don’t care) that their desires should be secondary to the rights of others.

Those supporting smoking bans know that they have the option of not supporting businesses that allow smoking.

They know that they may patronize businesses that choose to ban smoking. But that is not enough for them. Do they not recognize the importance of respecting people’s right to control their own property? Do they not recognize the value of freedom?

The desires of anti-smoking groups should not take precedence over the rights of private citizens. When one person’s desires are allowed to trump another person’s rights, then all our rights can easily be swept away, and we have no protection from the tyranny of the majority.

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