Voices of Liberty with Dr. Ron Paul: FDA Funds Research of Electronic Cigarettes


Today we discuss federal funding for research into the use of electronic cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes, as they’re called, are growing in popularity and have already become a booming business. Wells Fargo Securities estimates global sales of e-cigarettes to reach $2 billion this year. 

Since they hit the market, however, concerns have been raised over their potential health risks and marketing of the devices to minors. 

In an effort to gain more information about e-cigarettes before their use becomes even more popular, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is spending $270 million on 48 different research projects. 

Those projects range from examining Facebook posts to learn how users are altering the devices to extract more nicotine to a virtual convenience store for 13- to 17-year-olds measuring how displays and price promotions influence minors. 

The intent behind these projects is to gather as much data as possible in order to develop future regulations on the marketing, sale and use of e-cigarettes. 

On the surface, it seems the FDA is on the hunt for ways to regulate and most likely tax e-cigarettes like tobacco. 
Is it at all a surprise that the federal government would go after this lucrative business? 

These devices were designed so that smokers would use to help them quit, yet there are individuals who never smoked before picking these devices up and using them for their own purposes. 

Shouldn’t people be able to use an e-cigarette if they want to, regardless of whether it’s for smoking cessation or simply for pleasure?

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