International Smokers Rights Conference

International Smokers Rights Conference

The Smoker’s Club, Inc.
International Smokers Rights Conference
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
June 27-29, 2005

“Pudding And Donuts”
Samantha Phillipe
The Smoker’s Club, Inc.
Conference Notes
Illinois Smokers Rights
Garnet Dawn’s Conference Notes
More Smokers Rights Sites
Groups, Forums, Blogs, Chats, Videos and more

Dr. Brad Rodu
University of Alabama
Book: “For Smokers Only”
Buy The Book

Listen to the audio clip (1:05)
Listen to the audio clip (:38)
The ETS risks have been vastly overstated!
Harm Reduction Strategy
Rethinking Tobacco Control
The Economics
Articles at the Newsletter

Luc Martial
Independent Expert Consultant: Tobaccostat Canada
Book: “The War On Smokers”
Listen to the audio clip (:50)
Listen to the audio clip (:30)
Canada forgot to check the facts on the packs!
Memoirs Of A Reluctant Advocate
Articles at the Newsletter
Article About This Conference

Michael J. McFadden
Book: “The Anti Brain”
Buy The Book
The Power of the Pen: Stopping the Bans
Stanton Glantz, Ph.D – Doctor of WHAT?
Is secondary smoke actually a health threat?
State Smoking Restrictions for Private-Sector
Articles at the Newsletter

David W. Kuneman
Trends & the War On Tobacco
Snuffing out the Profits
Economic Impacts
Criticism of the Maryville Smoking Ban Report
Articles at the Newsletter

Brendan Trainor
Nevada Libertarian Party Chair
Property Rights Preserves Smokers Rights!
Libertarian Party of Nevada Blog
The Libertarian Party
LP State Links

Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach
Listen to the audio clip (1:00)
Listen to the audio clip (:14)
Carol Schwartz and Property Rights!
Newsletter: Chuck Muth’s News & Views
Brushfire Alert Petitions
Have your own grassroots activist website
Campaign Training
Campaign Tips
Articles at the Newsletter

Javier Bianco-Urgoiti
Smokers For Tolerance: Spain
English translation of tolerance rules
Subscribe to “Club De Fumadores Por La Tolerancia”

Gary Nolan
Save Cleveland Jobs
Downsize DC
Running For Office
More news from Ohio

Ryan M. Pacyga
Pacyga & Associates, PA
Legalities of Smoking Bans
Articles at the Newsletter
More news about law suits

Sue Jeffers
Minnesotans Against Smoking Bans
Diary Of A Disaster
Conference Notes
Sue Jeffers’ testimony to the Senate Health Committee
Response to the American Lung Association
Spreading the loot to push the lies
Articles at the Newsletter
More news from Minnesota

Stephen Helfer
CCSR: Cambridge Citizens For Smokers’ Rights
Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarettes
Articles at the Newsletter
More news from Massachusetts

Jonathan Pinard
New York Coalition of Social Smokers, Inc.
Conference Notes
How to start a grassroots organization
More news from New York

Sybil Danning
Adventuress Productions, Inc.
Conference Notes
More news from California

Norm Kjono
Forces International
The Writing of Norm Kjono
Smoking & Civil Rights
Articles at the Newsletter
More news from Washington

Maryetta E. Ables
Forces West Virginia
ETS is not a “health issue”
Conference Notes
What is the World Bank?
Maryetta’s Corner
Articles at the Newsletter
More news from West Virginia

Jim Blogg
Forces Illinois
Conference Notes
More news from Illinois

Warren Klass
Forces Canada
The Writing of Warren Klass
Conference Notes
Articles at the Newsletter
More news from Canada

Gian Turci
Forces Italy
An important shift for the smokers’ movement
More news from Italy

Tony Osuagwu
Africa Smokers Club
Mission Statement
The conference position paper
Institute of Public Policy Analysis
Africa Resource Bank
More news from Africa

More Property Rights Sites
Cato Institute
Goldwater Institute
Heartland Institute
Reason Magazine
Defenders Of Property RightsMore Tax Rights Sites
The Beacon Hill Institute
SPN: State Policy Network
Americans For Tax Reform
National Taxpayers Union
Tax Foundation
Citizens Against Government Waste
SBE Council
Stockholm Network
World Taxpayers Associations
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