Extinguish Corporate Smoking Test

Reading Tuesday’s paper, I saw buried in the Page 5A Nation Roundup an item that should strike fear into the very soul of an employee.
“Four smokers fired for refusing smoking test” is a scary little fascist idea creeping around and should be brought to the courts’ attention. The gist is that the company involved has a no-smoking policy, no smoking by an employee even when not on the company dime.
As a wage slave and smoker, I find this idea very troubling. In matters of dress, conduct, performance of duties and work scheduling, I agree to these ideas while the company purchases my time or skills.
While on the clock it is not my time but the company’s time, and while they have purchased it, they are free to use it as necessary. I thought that was how it works, but apparently not any more.
I guess once any of an individual’s time is sold to a company, all of that person’s time is now the company’s to control. Politics, religion, diet, and any other aspects of what used to be your personal life are now subject to company policy. Does anyone else have a problem with this?
It is smoking today — that hot topic — that is everyone’s favorite whipping boy, so that makes it OK.
The justification being that it is an attempt to shield the company from high health-care costs. What is next? Religious hospitals firing members of other religions, using the justification that “We can only afford to support one god”
How does this grab people? Imagine a company policy stating that all employees are required to vote and vote for candidate “A.” Sounds scary, does it not? This corporate interference cannot be allowed to stand.
Originally written By: Todd Hicks

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