Quit Vaping With Big Pharmaceutical


I read that to be a Quit Vaping ad. First they wanted people to quit smoking. Now they want them to quit vaping.

I wondered how Nicorette Quickmist worked.  Here’s an explanation:


It’s a spray. Or at least it produces a spray after it’s been operated a few times, by squirting nicotine into the faces of people in front of you. And when you’ve finally got it to produce a spray, you must avoid spraying it on your lips, or inhaling or swallowing the spray. Not much fun.

No wonder NRT sales are plummeting, as Dick Puddlecote reported earlier this year: According to the latest figures, the market for nicotine replacement therapy in France has fallen by 6.6% in 2013 to under 100 million euros of turnover (99.2 million to be exact) for the first time since 2010.

“If we look at only the last quarter, the figures are even worse. Declining by 17% and even 35% for patches,” explains Sophie Ragot.

For laboratories that market nicotine replacement therapy (GSK, Pierre Fabre, Johnson & Johnson), the economic outlook is bleak for the coming year. They predict a double-digit decline in the market for nicotine replacement in 2014, before stagnating in 2015. “The hardest thing is that we still do not know really how to act in relation to this phenomenon. We do not know much about the principles of e-cigarettes,” said Sophie Ragot.

At the same time, the use of electronic cigarettes has skyrocketed. According to a recent figures from Collectif des acteurs de la cigarette ?lectronique (CACE), 2 million French vape regularly. This market, which was virtually non-existent in 2009, today accounts for around 100 million euros, equal to the market for nicotine replacement therapy.  I’ll just carry on smoking the real thing.

Quit Vaping With Big Pharmaceutical

Originally written by Chris Snowdon

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