Business Owners Mixed About Smoking Ban


Bars That Serve Food Included

DES MOINES, Iowa — On the legislature’s first day of session, an Iowa senator introduced a bill Monday that would ban smoking in restaurants.

The bill sponsored by Sen. Matt McCoy would make it against the law for Iowans to smoke in any Iowa restaurant. Violators would pay a $25 fine.

NewsChannel 8’s Todd Magel spoke to central Iowans about the proposed smoking ban measure. Bars that serve food would be included.

At the Fire Creek Restaurant in West Des Moines the hostess never asks if customers want smoking or no smoking seating because smoking was never allowed at the restaurant. Owner Bill Rogers said his customers don’t mind and neither do his employees.

“I have nothing against smoking, but to have someone else smoke your cigarette is really not right,” Rogers said.

Roger’s brother, Mark, runs a restaurant called Legends American Grille in Johnston. His restaurant is divided into smoking and non-smoking. He said a proposed ban smoking may affect his business.

“I think the government can be too intrusive, they even tell me how much health insurance I must pay for, that causes problems and not a solution.
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