Barbour Should Get Tobacco Funds

This is to express my pleasure over Gov. Haley Barbour seeking to give the Legislature control of tobacco settlement funds administered by The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi (“Medicaid files to seize $20M from anti-smoke group,” Feb. 11). It should, in reality, be called “The Partnership for a Healthy Mike Moore!”
It is crystal clear to me that former attorney general Moore is using these funds as a “campaign chest” for whatever political office he desires to occupy.
He showed how desperate he is to maintain control of them by taking children out of school and having them demonstrate at the Capitol and shout insults at the governor (“Teens rally against tobacco use,” Feb. 3). And he’s for a “healthy Mississippi?”
I am more than ready for him to move off the scene.
Barbour should get tobacco funds
Originally written By: Charles Malone 
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