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Dear Hyatt,

I wanted to send feedback to the Corporate office, but it is very difficult to find any contact information from your web site. So, if you could please forward this I would appreciate it.

I wanted to let you know I have stopped doing business with Marriott, or attending any events at their facilities where I am invited to as a speaker or guest because of their no smoking policy. That has resulted in at least a few events moving over to Hyatt that I am aware of.

I feel it is poor business at best to dictate what people can do, never mind paying customers, in their own bedroom. The no smoking policy to me is indefensible, and not having the ability to meet in the lobby or bar and smoke while meeting with clients or staff makes for a very undesirable location. Not being allowed to smoke in your own room is beyond basic business ethics to me.

And, I have noted that there may be a few of me. In the last month at the Hyatt in Albuquerque and Greenville North Carolina they said they were out of smoking rooms. They did accommodate me – but there is more demand obviously than before, or what the estimates are that are setting the number of smoking rooms. Please make sure you increase that number as you may have more business coming your way!

A response to acknowledge receipt would be appreciated.

(Name Withheld)


DATE:????? Wed, 12 Sep 2007 14:10:07 -0500 (CDT)
SUBJECT:?? Non-Smoking Policy

Dear Mr:

I have reviewed your concerns and can understand your frustration with the new non-smoking polices.? Unfortunately, the hotel market due to high demand is having to go with completely non-smoking rooms
and areas on property.?? At Hyatt Hotel’s & Resorts we do try to
accommodate all of our guests and value their business.?

As we continue to improve our hotels and services, comments like yours provide us with a valuable service in pinpointing areas that concern our guests.? We appreciate the time and effort you have taken to bring your comments to our attention and we look forward to a
future opportunity to serve you.??


Christy Taylor
Hyatt Customer Relations



Thank you for the response.
Respectfully I would like to suggest reviewing the “High Demand” review that has been done by Hyatt. I have personally stayed at several of your properties over the last months that all had smoking rooms, and all said they were sold out. Thus the demand is considerably higher that what has been allocated, and thus what-ever the criteria was for making those decisions would seem to be flawed. The demand is clearly there for smoking rooms and areas – but it seems that is not being passed on to corporate! I personally would never stay at a business that discriminates, and telling people what they can do in their own bedrooms would qualify to me as discrimination. Which is why I do not stay at Marriott any more.

Thank you,
(Name Withheld)

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