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Read - TobakkoNacht - The Antismoking Endgame - By Michael J. McFadden.

TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame

Smokers and smoking are under a level of attack unprecedented in modern society. All the tools of sophisticated propaganda and social engineering have been focused on eradicating what is seen as an unhealthy, undesirable, and politically incorrect behavior. In its 520 pages, TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame critically examines the engineered social division, job and medical discriminations, and a deliberate distortion of scientific research that hasn’t been seen since Lysenko’s era.

TobakkoNacht adheres to high academic standards in its content, presentation and detailed citations, but is also written in a style that ensures its wider readability. It is ideal for smokers under attack, nonsmokers whose lives are impacted by exaggerated fears, for students seeking to understand the manipulation of human conflict, and for anyone distressed by the social division of the antismoking “Endgame” (a title echoed by September 2013’s UN Conference, “The Endgame for Tobacco”). Hard scientific analysis and political and psychological observations of antismoking tactics are interspersed with advice for activists, a look to the future in fighting increasingly powerful nanny states, and even a dystopian tale written in the late 1990s that portrays a world disturbingly close to the one we’re currently experiencing. Read more.

Michael J. McFadden: ” Keep on fightin’!”
August 4, 2014
Interview by Smokers Against Discrimination
In October 2013 Michael J. McFadden, the author of 2004’s “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains,” published a followup book, “TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame”. Mr. McFadden has been a long-term smokers’ rights (or, as he likes to phrase it, “Free Choice”) activist, and is the Mid-Atlantic Director of the Citizens Freedom Alliance and active in many volunteer groups around the world.
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On Friday, December 6, 2013, Chris Sorochin of the State University of New York and its radio station WUSB, invited Michael J. McFadden, author of “TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame,” to speak on his weekly radio broadcast, “If This Be Treason.”
Leaping from examining published scientific studies, to personal observations, to individual stories of harms done by exaggerated fears of wisps of smoke, Sorochin and McFadden spend an interesting hour, with no commercial interruptions, exploring various facets of the social engineering “Endgame” being pursued by today’s Tobacco Control movement.?
Anyone who’s enjoyed reading Mike McFadden’s books and internet debates will want to take advantage of this opportunity to hear the author as he engages in a friendly and animated back and forth discussion of regulating outdoor smoking by students who are old enough to drive cars, carry guns as police officers, or even fly nuclear bombers over foreign countries, but who are not deemed to be old enough to make their own decisions about smoking tobacco.
Anyone interested in reading excerpts of McFadden’s writings, including over 10,000 words of excerpts from his newly published and critically acclaimed book, should visit his new site at while listening to this engaging broadcast at…
Part 1
Part 2

Cigar Insider: Michael J. McFadden, Author of ‘TobakkoNacht: The Antismoking Endgame’
Michael J. McFadden’s new book, TobakkoNacht: The Antismoking Endgame, is an in-depth, carefully documented exploration of how tobacco opponents work. With an Ivy League education and no financial interest in tobacco, McFadden presents technical material in an engaging and understandable format, mixing humor, statistics, anecdote, stories, and surprises. We recently exchanged emails for the following [edited] interview.
Stogie Guys: Can you tell us a little about your background and how you got involved in researching and writing about tobacco?
Michael J. McFadden: The issue of scientific integrity and telling the truth was always important to me. Seeing people unjustly gain at the expense of other people on the basis of lies always angered me, and it’s something I’ve seen throughout the antismoking movement.
My concern with what drives human conflict and allows people to tolerate the suffering or killing of others goes back to my college years and my Peace Studies program. Yes, thermonuclear war is a much more important issue than a smoking ban at the local bar, but they’re both based on people being led to believe lies that lead them to feel it’s OK to attack some other group of people… a dehumanizing of another group.
I first became aware of and concerned about this issue in 1976 when a housemate showed up at our West Philadelphia nonviolence training center with a fistful of leaflets from ASH that were clearly filled with lies and exaggerations. Those lies split our community and helped to eventually destroy our training center altogether, but I didn’t have the background knowledge to be able to fight them effectively. That was really when I began researching the issue.
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Book Review: TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame
October 21, 2013
by Spinfuel eMagazine
TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame is an important book. Not because it reveals the truth about the antismoking zealots, though that is a big part of it, but because it reveals an even bigger truth, a truth that will surely lead to a world you and me, in short order, no longer recognize. A world where personal choice, personal responsibility, and personal freedoms no longer exist. A world where those in power force those that elected them to yield to the new world order, where the nanny-state takes over your life, where we become so weak, so powerless, that we allow politicians to monitor and make every decision in our lives for us. It is a sad end where socialism is no longer a dirty word, no longer a scary word, but instead a word that means we will all live longer, healthy lives, full of mundane nothingness, stripped of joy, ambition, and responsibility. It’s a world I want no part of.

Listen – An Interview with Michael McFadden
Anti-Nanny with Ravengrim Episode 44

Read – An Interview with Michael McFadden
We were delighted to interview Michael McFadden this week. Originally we asked about his new book TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame, to be published on 1 October, but Michael generously ended up sharing thoughts with us about many things. The interview is quite long, but well worth reading to the end.
1. When and why did you first become concerned about the issues you raise in your latest book, and why did you choose to call the book TobakkoNacht?
There are at least four separate issues addressed in TobakkoNacht that I became concerned about in different ways and at different times to different degrees… although they all relate to each other to some extent.
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Turning Smokers Into Criminals

Sept. 19, 2013
By Alan Caruba

America is filled with groups of people clamoring for their “rights” or claiming they are being discriminated against. One group, however, has been successfully silenced and, broadly speaking, turned into criminals. They are people who enjoy a cigarette, a cigar, or a pipe. There is no one left to speak for them, so I will.

A bit of background; my Father smoked a pipe as long as I knew him and, before him, his father smoked cigarettes. Both died well into their 90s. My Mother did not smoke but in the lingo of the attack on smokers, she presumably was a “victim” of secondary-smoke. She died at age 98. I have smoked since my days in college, some six decades. I became a cigar smoker while in the army and have thoroughly enjoyed them ever since.

In 2010 I received a book by Michael J. McFadden titled “Dissecting Antismoker’s Brains”, a privately-published examination of the movement to ban smoking. He wrote at the time “If by some chance they eventually succeeded in eliminating smoking from the face of the earth there would be virtually no time lapse before they sank their fangs into Big Auto, Big Meat, Big Soda, or whatever supposedly idealistic cause was out there that would promise them Big Money and Big Power.”

He was prescient because we have all witnessed campaigns against meat and soda consumption, all replete with “scientific studies” which, on close examination are bogus. We have been through three decades of such studies regarding the end-of-the-world claims regarding “global warming” only to learn in 2009 that they represented a cabal of scientists in America and Great Britain who colluded to produce the International Panel on Climate Change reports, based on falsified “science” and manipulated, bogus computer models.

These days the IPCC’s latest assessment reluctantly admits that its claims have failed, given a cooling cycle that began around 1998. Instead of shutting down and disbanding, the IPCC continues its quest to control the use of energy sources, oil, coal, and natural gas, denying it as much as possible to nations and people who depend on them.

McFadden has expanded on his earlier book with a new one, “TobakkoNacht: The Antismoking Endgame.” (Aethna Press, $27.95, softcover) The title is a play on Kristallnach, a 1938 event in Nazi Germany that revealed the depths of that regime’s hatred of Jews, leading eventually to the Holocaust. Smokers are not being rounded up and killed, but they are subjected to bans and meritless increases in the cost of smoking; taxes that greatly benefit the states imposing them while using the power of taxation to denigrate smokers.

McFadden, who has a strong knowledge of statistics, examines how they have been used, often falsely, to impose the agenda of the antismoking forces. “Statistics have a real and valid use in science and public health,” he says, “but when it comes to using social engineering techniques toward the end goal of creating a smoke-free world, they have been destructively abused to create fear and resentment far more than they have been constructively used to share information and enlightenment.”

“TobakkoNacht” is filled with information and enlightenment; the kind that the antismoking campaigners do not want the public to know. It is just over 500 pages long and, as McFadden warns, “A democratic republic that allows its policies to be built on the basis of lies, and a citizenry that accepts those lies as being the norm, is a republic and citizenry in very deep and serious trouble.” It’s not just lies about smoking, global warming, or what we should eat and drink. It is the lies that assure us that the government is not reading our mail and monitoring all our phone calls and Internet activity. It is the lies that lure the nation into wars.

The lies pouring out of the White House and repeated in the nation’s mainstream media have achieved a mass that the President has called “phony scandals” and they include the attack in Benghazi, the role of the National Security Agency, the actions taken by the Internal Revenue Service against Tea Party and other conservative groups, and the greatest fountain of lies, the Environmental Protection Agency.

In page after relentless page, McFadden cites the facts that disprove the lies about the connections between smoking and health. Yes, some smokers do develop lung disease, but many people who do not smoke also fall victim. No, there is no epidemic of heart attacks among smokers. The alleged links between “secondary” smoke and health are non-existent. Many of the diseases cited have a genetic component in which even people who do not smoke fall victim.

The war on smokers depends on the same general ignorance of science that other comparable campaigns use. They cite “amounts” of “toxic” substances, so let me end with a short lesson in reality:

1 milligram = 1,000 micrograms
1 milligram = 1,000,000 nanograms
1 milligram = 1,000,000,000 picograms
1 milligram = 1,000,000,000,000 femtograms

The same hucksters and frauds that tell you that 0.039% by volume of the carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere poses a huge threat to all life and those claiming that the presence of arsenic in tobacco smoke is a health threat are dependent on public ignorance. What you are not told is that there is arsenic in potatoes and in eggplants. What they are not telling you is that the earth’s active volcanoes are natural sources of carbon dioxide, along with others, including humans that exhale it.

The anti-smoking campaign is about controlling people and, as far as Big Pharma is concerned, making a ton of money selling nicotine patches and gum. The “scientists” in universities will make their money generating false studies.
It’s a scam. It’s a fraud. It has falsely stigmatized everyone who wants to light up and relax.

? Alan Caruba, 2013

Facing Up To The Fear Pedlars

Sept. 2013
By John Brignell,
The antismoking endgame
By Michael J McFadden
AEthna Press
ISBN 978-0-9744979-1-4

There is only one scientifically attested observation about tobacco, that there is a marked correlation between inhaling its concentrated smoke directly into the lungs and the development of cancerous growths in those delicate organs. Everything else you read about it is nonsense or, as we call it now, epidemiology. The great man who conceived the prospective study that led to that observation maintained his integrity to the bitter end and refused to lend his imprimatur to the waves of dodgy statistics that followed. In consequence, he was written out of history and replaced by his more compliant sidekick. For tobacco had become the target for a ruthless attack from the new left movement for world socialist government (the watermelons), as a pilot project for eventually taking control over the population by the propagation of irrational fears. Michael J McFadden had previously published a book on the methods used by this movement and has now added a larger volume.

This is a somewhat eccentric book, highly unusual in its construction. It begins with a series of fictional episodes and is later punctuated by flights of fancy (delineated by being in italics). Whether this is a successful tactic in persuading the reasonable readership to access his message remains to be seen, as does linking the title to the Nazi Krystallnacht, one of the most violent pogroms in history.? I have doubts. The subtitle “The anti-smoking endgame” tells you much more about it: for this is the boastful claim being made by the proponents for the stage they have reached in their campaign. They have lied, lied and lied again to achieve their ends and have had the audacity to call their lies “science”. Along with their friends in the global warming campaign they have effectively brought the age of science to an end. They have achieved virtual control over the media and extra-governmental authorities (such as CDC and EPA) who have made blatantly fraudulent statistics deemed acceptable to the political class.

This is where the book carries a powerful message. There are full accounts of various pieces of “research” and propaganda with detailed analysis of the logical errors, most of them deliberate. The lengthy examples quoted of venomous hatred spewed out by semi-literate activists against enjoyers of tobacco are truly shocking.

Freedom is a bit like virginity: once you have surrendered it, the next time is easier and the next and the next. So the authoritarians whittle away your ability to choose until you realise too late that it is all gone. The political classes wholly welcome these activities, as they provide diversions from the mess they are making in important areas, such as the economy, energy and food on the table. They are only too pleased to pass draconian, choice-destroying acts, which serve them just as misdirection serves the stage magician.? The greatest social damage the antismoking campaigners have done, therefore, is to pave the way for an army of zealots who now imitate them to achieve the elimination of whatever is the object to their own particular hatred.

THEY want to take control of your life and withdraw your capacity for choice. McFadden cogently quotes Chrichton (Social control is best managed through fear) under one of his chapter headings.

The range of foodstuffs and recreations that have come under attack in recent years are now legion. For example, the new boys on the scaremongering block are the “Sugar is poison” brigade, who wilfully ignore the first law of toxicology; every thing is poisonous and nothing is poisonous, it all depends on the dose. They fully utilise the techniques developed by the antismoking campaigners to enforce their creed. Sugars represent the second stage of food production for all life on earth, after carbon dioxide and water, from which they are made by photosynthesis. Apart from minor additives, which incidentally are also subject to scare attacks, everything you eat was created from sugars. Some of the most beautiful creatures that add a little pleasure to our drab existence, such as adult butterflies, are solely reliant on them for sustenance, but the predatory hierarchy, from the single cell animalcules to us humans, relies on a ladder of increasing synthetic complexity to manufacture elaborate structures, right up to the human brain; all from sugars and added minerals.

Humankind is heading for the life of the ants’ nest: constant labour without pleasure or choice and brains dulled by want of independent exercise. McFadden’s books are a cry of agony and a call to arms. Tobacco is just one small aspect of the doleful trend, but the war against it is the foundation and exemplar of all the subsequent wars against freedom of choice. When states grant free licence to bully a minority, that cause attracts a class of people who enjoy bullying for its own sake, especially when all other forms of bullying are denominated as “hate-crimes”. McFadden’s efforts to combat the bullying have been impressive in their range and intensity, but they have been largely ignored by the arrogant and increasingly authoritarian establishment. Today smoking bans, tomorrow world socialist government. I only wish I could be more optimistic.

August 29, 2013
By Frank Davis
…Because he writes: “What is being done to smokers today is truly not that much different from what was being done to Germany’s Jews in the very earliest presages of the Holocaust, the period when virtually no one, either in Germany or elsewhere, would ever have believed in the possibility of what was to come.”
That’s what I think too. And it’s what I’ve written in my blog many times. But this was the first time I’ve ever read it printed in ink in the one of the opening pages of a book that I was holding in my hands.
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TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame
8/31/13? Audio Review by Book Description.

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