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Smokers ignore ban
November 1, 2009
My husband, twin 5-year-old girls and I happened by the Renaissance Faire in Wilson Park and thought since the smoking ban went into effect we might actually get to enjoy some of the activities in the park this time. The last time we ventured out to an event in the park we had to leave with two crying children because of all the smokers mixing in with the crowd. We wrongly assumed that since the law had gone into effect that people might actually observe it and show some consideration for others who might not want to smoke their cigarettes with them.
I do not believe that so many people in Florence missed the news that a smoking ban in parks has passed, that so many are unaware of the health hazards associated with others breathing their smoke, or that they wouldn’t notice people moving away from them. That leaves me to conclude that the people we saw smoking simply don’t care about the law or anyone else’s health or enjoyment of the festivities, and I really hate to think that about our citizens. We were very disappointed to find many smokers still mingling with the crowd and no one around to at least ask them to put their cigarettes out.
My children were excited to go and confused when they saw smokers ignoring the ban, and I think it is pretty sad when children comment about people breaking laws and being inconsiderate, and the adults breaking the law apparently don’t care about the people around them.
Ruth Anne Mak

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