Smoking On Screen: India Film

India India:? Film stuck due to smoking

Konkona’s cigarette creates a problem

January 17, 2005
By Vickey Lalwani

Did you know that director Manu Rewal’s ‘Chai Pani Etc’ met with stiff resistance from the unpredictable Censor Board?

The censors objected to a scene showing Konkona Sen Sharma smoking a cigarette. Thereafter, the film got stuck for seven months! The director was keen on entering the competition section of the International Film Festival in Goa. By then, the cut-off date for entering the film had elapsed. Strange, hot smooching and lovemaking scenes are allowed to go by but just one cigarette isn’t!!!

India: 6/1/05 Smoking scenes banned on screen as India steps up anti-tobacco war.

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