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California Pasadena Update…

? 1.? Pasadena Chamber opposes smoking ban?(70%)
03/30/2011 -?…two-page letter sent to the city Wednesday, the chamber asked the City Council to drop a planned smoking ban in apartments, townhomes, condos – any multiple dwelling in which residents share walls.??By Brian Charles, Staff Writer
? 2.? Pasadena smoking ban takes another step forward?(65%)
04/05/2011 -?PASADENA – In a decision applauded by most of the those in attendance, the Pasadena City Council called for the drafting of a smoking ordinance that would ban apartment dwellers from lighting up tobacco.???Brian Charles, Staff Writer
? 3.? Pasadena may snuff out condo smokers?(64%)
03/26/2011 -?PASADENA – Following a national trend, the Pasadena City Council will entertain an extension of its current smoking ban at the April 4 City Council meeting.?By Brian Charles, Staff Writer
? 4.? South Pasadena takes another step against public smoking?(64%)
09/01/2010 -?SOUTH PASADENA – After a new ordinance banning smoking in common areas in apartment, condo and townhouse complexes goes into effect this weekend, Yan Shackleton worries she may not see much of her father. ??

Pasadena may snuff out condo smokers
By Brian Charles, Staff Writer
PASADENA – Following a national trend, the Pasadena City Council will entertain an extension of its current smoking ban at the April 4 City Council meeting.
Anti-smoking rules could be extended to include prohibitions on lighting up in apartments, condominiums and townhomes. Additionally, on the recommendation of the council’s Public Safety Committee, which includes councilmembers Steve Madison, Margaret McAustin, Steve Haderlein and Jacque Robinson, the city could enact rules that define smoking as a “public nuisance.”
Those rules would give Pasadena Public Health Department employees the power to cite offenders with progressively more expensive citations starting at $100.
The proposed new rules would go into effect in 2014.
Similar provisions have been passed in South Pasadena and Burbank. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in February signed a ban on smoking in city parks.
Proponents call the smoking bans necessary to protect the health of non-smokers affected by second-hand smoke, while critics question whether such bans are an overreach by local government.
“I am not a smoker and don’t like the second-hand smoke, but it is a legal substance,” Pasadena City Councilman Steve Haderlein said.
He warned that such a law could provoke legal action.
“We are setting ourselves up for a lawsuit,” Haderlein said.
California led the charge against smoking by banning lighting up in the workplace in 1995. The state cleared bars of cigarette smoke in 1998 and Pasadena made it illegal to smoke within 20 feet of shopping malls, unenclosed areas outside of bars and restaurants, bus stops and ATM machines.
Pasadena City Councilman Terry Tornek, who describes himself as “anti-smoking,” said many of his constituents have asked about expanding the ban to apartments.
Tornek admits he is torn over the issue.
“It’s a tough one, when you begin to tell people you can’t smoke where you live,” he said. “But if you believe that second-hand smoke is hazardous to your health and your neighbor’s smoke is threatening to your health then what do you do?”
But, Tornek compared a smoking ban in apartments to other quality-of-life laws enforced by cities.
“I think it’s analogous to the noise ordinance and you don’t have a right to play music so loud that it affects your neighbor,” said Tornek.

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