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Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!?

Fragrance Ban Update…

Nevada legislation raises stink over air fresheners
Critics say a Nevada bill banning air fresheners and candles in public places would lead to stinky rooms and prohibit priests from using candles in Mass.
Las Vegas Democratic Assemblyman Paul Aizley on Monday presented the proposed legislation, which would set restrictions on pesticides, fragrances and candles to accommodate people with chemical sensitivities.
Proponents said air fresheners give them migraines or asthma attacks and prevent them from going to the movies or to restaurants. A cocktail waitress at a casino said inhaling the fragrances piped through the ventilation system felt like a
concrete slab on her chest.
Critics counter the bill would affect everything from candlelit restaurants and weddings – not to mention unmasked odors in public bathrooms that would drive away tourists.


A Democratic lawmaker in Nevada has introduced a bill that would outlaw air fresheners and candles in public places, the Associated Press reported. But some critics said the proposed law goes too far – and would even prohibit priests from using candles in Mass.
Democratic Assembly Paul Aizley, from Las Vegas, presented his bill Monday. It would set restrictions on pesticides, fragrances, and candles to accommodate people with “chemical sensitivities.”
Opponents are raising quite a stink, the AP reported.? They argue that the bill would prohibit candle light dinners — and weddings. From a very practical standpoint, others argue that air fresheners are a necessity in public bathrooms.
But supporters said air fresheners cause headaches and asthma attacks.

I’m sorry, but if you accept the need for government-mandated universal smoking bans, this is simply a necessary follow-up.?? Regardless of fragrances, candles *do* emit fumes, some of which are carcinogenic and/or deadly no matter what safeguards are taken.? Under the “no safe level” standard which we have applied to smokers there is no way to logically justify allowing candles in romantic restaurants, or, in particular, candles during birthday celebrations at McDonalds.? Yes, McD’s makes a lot of money from these gigs that help to? suck children into lifetimes of addiction to their products, but rationally how can that be justified?
If we are going to accept the necessity for bans on tobacco smoking at such places as veterans posts, bars, and strip clubs, then obviously protecting our children from the deadly fumes at McDonalds or Burger King is an obvious follow-up.
– Michael J. McFadden

?Fragrance Allergies: What’s That Smell?
WebMD Medical Reference
According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), about 2.5 million Americans have fragrance allergies. Fragrances don’t just affect the nose — when you use a scented product on your skin, some of the chemicals in it are absorbed. The AAD reports that allergies to fragrances are the main cause of cosmetic contact dermatitis — a condition that can range from skin itching and redness to blisters and swelling.

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
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