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Pendleton Considers Smoking Ban Inside Homes If Public Is Served
September 07, 2011
On Tuesday night Pendleton Town Council reworded a smoking ban proposal.
The new version defines a private office and makes it clear that smoking would not be allowed in private homes if public business was done there.
According to 7 On Your Side’s coverage partners at the Independent-Mail, council may vote next month for the first time.
If it passes a second reading in November the smoking ban would become law.
August 16th Update
If some town leaders in Pendleton have their way, sitting outside and smoking in certain areas will be against the law.
Pendleton Mayor Randy Hayes says, “This is about public health, no matter how you look at it.”
The town is also considering an indoor smoking ban to include bars and restaurants. But Hayes says the major sticking point is what to include outdoors.
Hayes says, “We’re not trying to tell anyone you can’t smoke in the town of Pendleton. We’re trying to be very selective on where these things can take place.”
Under the town’s proposed ordinance, if you’re within ten feet of a restaurant or ten feet of a public event at a stadium, ampitheater or ball park, you have to keep walking and smoking, and you cannot not stop, stand, sit or linger.
Alex Blanchard says, “I personally don’t think it’s (the smoking ban outdoors is) too far…If you do make it more uncomfortable for people to smoke, maybe they’ll make a little more responsible decisions about their lifestyle.”
Matthew Crenshaw asks, “Where does it stop? The proposed ban outside…are they going to ban people from smoking outside in their cars?” He goes on to say, “What constitutes standing still? How long? You could get into a lot of legal questions.”
The mayor knows they won’t please everyone. He says, “You will never find the perfect ordinance.” He’s hoping they can strike a balance between public health and government intrusion.
The town of Pendleton is set to discuss the smoking ban at its next meeting, September 6. The ordinance requires two readings to pass.
Clemson does not have a ban on outdoor smoking. But smoking inside bars and restaurants in Clemson is prohibited.
In July, the city of Greenville expanded its indoor smoking ban to include outdoor patios, decks and porches at restaurants. Greenville also bans smoking at playgrounds and parks.

Smoking in Pendleton on council’s agenda

June 3, 2011
Lake Morris Special to Independent Mail

PENDLETON — Residents will have a chance to weigh in on Pendleton’s spending plan for next year as well as a proposed smoking ordinance when its council meets Monday evening.

On the docket is a public hearing for residents to discuss the proposed town budget for fiscal year 2011-12. The fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30.

Amber Barnes, interim town administrator, said this year’s budget will be balanced.

“We don’t anticipate any rate increases or tax anticipations,” she said. “At this point in time, it is looking like we won’t have to borrow against ourselves either.”

The council will have its first reading of the budget. During that reading, changes can be made to the budget. If the budget passes first reading, the council will set a date for a second and final reading.

The draft for proposed smoking regulation will be up for comment again.

“It is the same ordinance as the last meeting,” Barnes said. “I don’t know the route council will take, but residence will have a chance again to talk about it.”

Barnes said the council is expecting to hear more from those in support of smokers’ rights at this meeting.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit smoking in many public places, including restaurants, in the city. The current draft can be found at

At the May meeting when the draft of the smoking ordinance was first up for public comment, it was supported by eight of 10 people who spoke

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