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First beer, now smoking.
First International Conference on Smokers’ Rights
October 9, 2014
H/T Taking Liberties for news of the first international conference on smokers’ rights (in Moscow, I believe, just before the WHO antismoking conference (A smoking ban was introduced 1 June 2014 in Russia)). The following is an unmodified Google translation of a report on
September 30, 2014 in Moscow the first international conference on the rights of smokers . The event attended by delegates from 21 countries: Australia, Belarus, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Latvia, Moldova, Nicaragua, Peru, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Croatia, Switzerland and Estonia, – the territory of which in the aggregate are more than 250 million smokers.
Guests of honor at the conference were the All-Russian Co-Chair of the movement for the rights of smokers , Gennady Seleznev , the head of the Indonesian club smokers Nitisaputra Samuel , as well as President of the Club de Fumadores por la Tolerancia Alvaro Garrido (Spain). As a moderator and presenter of the meeting was the executive director of the All-Russian Movement for rights of smokers Andrew Rags .
Participants discussed the national and international trends in the field of tobacco control. As noted by the delegates, many states adhere to a balanced approach to regulation, however, certain countries do not stop in front of the most radical measures, turning smokers into social outcasts. Unfortunately, this situation is in Russia after the entry into force of one of the toughest anti-smoking laws in the world.
General concern were increasing attempts to harass and discriminate against moral adults, deliberately chose the tobacco part of their lives.
Gennady Seleznev : “All smoking bans imposed in our country, can be regarded only as a social discrimination. Comes to the ridiculous – you can refuse to accept a job just because you are a smoker. In modern civil society, such segregation is unacceptable “ .
The conference was attended by the former minister of economy of Russia Andrei Nechayev :“Western countries often try to teach us democracy, but in this case, give us a bad example.Discrimination of smokers went exactly with the West, and we, unfortunately, proved to be good students, and in some cases – have advanced much further “ .
Samuel Nitisaputra : “In Indonesia, 135 million smokers citizens. Following the adoption of anti-smoking law, we appealed to the Constitutional Court. The court took our side and ruled that the rights of smokers must be respected – the situation began to change for the better. “
Alvaro Garrido : “In our club smokers in Spain is more than 100 thousand people. Our main goal – to spread the ideas of tolerance and mutual respect in the society. We try to work creatively: once we sent reporters earplugs as a sign that the state does not hear the voice of smokers. “
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The International Conference for the rights of smokers.
Speech by Alexey Alekhine
October 2014
Unfolded our campaign wrestlers smoking heavily gives extremism. At least the wish of one of her factory, the infamous Onishchenko, “expel the cold,” 43 million Russian smokers – and his words I heard with my own ears – clearly falls under the relevant article. I was even tempted to bring it to the attention of prosecutors.
obscurantism Onishchenko put aside, but his cause lives.
In fact, however, is something with which we all had to face, starting with the US, hence this infection, then in Western Europe, and now in Russia, is not a new thing.
Because although all began innocently under the flag of the protection of others from the harm of secondhand smoke, it is impossible to believe in.
Firstly, because this very harmful and highly questionable gives manipulation of facts.
Secondly, because that protect those who simply do not like smoke, the smell of it – and this is their undoubted right – simple.Enough to equip everywhere – in offices, hospitals, railway stations, airports and schools – ventilated smoking areas; introduce separate cars, bars, restaurants for smokers and non-smokers and even potting paid smoking cabins on long-haul flights. That’s all.
In fact, it is not only done but exterminated. And not by chance.
Because the real purpose is quite different: to exterminate all the smokers and bring a new breed of man smoking.
But it is not something new. The new breed of people on our memory is output. Happy collectivists were trying to bring the Bolsheviks in the USSR. Cheerfulness, and by the way, non-smokers, the Patriots were cultured Nazis in Hitler’s Germany.Spiritualized religious idea nondrinkers righteous and now bring the Taliban, the Iranian ayatollahs and Amir “Islamic state.”
New Man create never succeeded. Gets only rape old. What do our guardians for clean air.
And now I am a law-abiding taxpayer, I can not, without being raped, or take a trip on a train, or make long-distance flight, or sit at the bar, or go to school, or, conversely, to teach, or go to the hospital or to become a doctor. Become an officer, I can not either, and as a deputy, although much of this I just do not care.
In fact, we are trying to make change our lifestyle. But life is expensive. Sometimes – more expensive than life itself: at times because of it fighting. Not far from us right now at war.
Wrestlers smoking cheerfully warn about their victories: to reduce the number of smokers.
I do not really believe them. But it’s not that.
And who said that smoking – bad? This assertion is based on all the current anti-smoking hysteria, it served us as a truism.Superstitions are very contagious. But my shoulders his own head, and I do not have to agree with the randomly assigned truth.
Well, yes, smoking is harmful – for health. Well and lead a healthy lifestyle – bad for the outlook.
Everyone is talking about the dangers of tobacco, but never talk about its benefits.
I personally – smoker with more than half a century of experience. And during those 60 years, tobacco makes me happy and brightens my life.
How many times he makes her happy migi – brighter comforted in bitter moments, fun in the dreary. I thank him for it.
The man does not live for the good health and happiness for. Health situation is about the same as with money, throw to the wind, of course, it’s silly, but if you do not spend, do not have fun.
In life, do not have much joy. And almost everything that it adorns, coincidentally, is harmful. Coffee, tobacco, alcohol. Lace panties and stilettos, according to our deputies. Even from books spoils vision.
And what of the pleasures helpful? Steak, as recently discovered the same inquisitive Americans, reduces life better than tobacco. The salt is harmful, dangerous coffee, sugar mortally dangerous, about alcohol and say nothing … I think skiing helpful?Ask Schumacher – if he ever speak again …
In vain we try to present smoking ordinary vice, vulgar habit – such as nails to gnaw.
Smoking – cute, artistic traditions and laws of our civilization. They even created their own culture in it – and in life, and in art, the beautiful cigarette cases and ashtrays to countless “smokers” and “old men with a pipe” in any museum.
It seems that Voltaire said: Take away all superfluous man, leave only the necessary and it equals the animals.
Let me remain human. Those interested can fuss over their health, count calories, eat vegetarian cakes and drink skim milk.
Well, I think I’ll leave myself shkvorchaschy steak, a sip of alcohol, coffee and cigarette smoke or cigar and pipe. Perhaps I live a little less, but with great pleasure. In that light I will remember that.
And like me – millions.
So maybe it is better to spend a ton of money and power not to spoil vparivanie human life laws and disfigurement of cigarette packs, and on the improvement of the ventilation systems and the development of medical devices that reduce harm from tobacco?
Smoke yourself to the joy, ladies and gentlemen!

100,000 sign petition against smoking ban in Russia
May 17, 2014
100,000 signatures have been collected for the petition calling Russian lawmakers to backpedal on the smoking ban. Also, restaurants and bars have found a way to partially avoid the ban that’s due to come into effect on June 1.
The Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia that unites over 3,000 food and beverage establishments is also demanding to postpone or cancel the ban on smoking in restaurants, cafes and bars.
The organization, along with the all-Russia movement “For the rights of smokers,” has drafted a list of amendments to the legislation and launched a petition, which collected 100,000 signatures in favor of the changes.
The supporters of smokers’ rights urge the government to allow tobacco ads and its sampling in special shops, letting in only those are 18 years of age and over.
Plus, those against the upcoming legislation are calling for reserving the rights for restaurants and bars to open smoking rooms and separate smoking and non-smoking spaces.
Finally, the supporters of smokers suggest excluding from the law the norms allowing Russian authorities to impose additional restrictions on smoking in public places and inside. Smoking advocates also urge letting employees and employers smoke in the workplace, with this point agreed in a collective contract.
The demands were forwarded to President Vladimir Putin, to the government and the State Duma, on Friday.
The Association’s lawyer Maria Orlova told Izvestia newspaper that the hospitality industry now hopes that the smoking ban will be slackened and restaurateurs will be allowed to set up separate spaces for smokers.
“In our country, for the majority of the year, the temperatures stand at below zero, making the guests go outside to smoke in the cold is just inhuman,” Orlova said.
Restaurants, cafes, and bars are preparing for lower attendance and less money spent by the customers, she added.
Elena Mazur, the corporate communication director of “Rosinter Restaurants” network, believes that customers won’t stay away for too long.
“We haven’t increased the number of places on the summer terraces, and haven’t resorted to any special measures,” she said, adding that she believes that patrons will have got used to the smoking ban by September and will return to restaurants.
Famous Moscow restaurateur, Arkady Novikov, told Izvestia newspaper that he doesn’t expect a decline in the number of visitors if the ban is imposed universally.
For now, summer terraces, separate smoking rooms and tobacco-free hookahs are set to make smokers’ lives easier.
The anti-tobacco law was approved in February last year and came into effect on June 1, 2013. However, restrictions are being introduced gradually: since last summer, smoking has been outlawed in certain public places, including educational, healthcare and sports facilities, airports, railway stations and bus stops, state administration premises, as well as in lifts and in stairways of apartment blocks.
The strictest part of the law comes into force on June 1 when puffing cigarettes will be banned in hotels, cafes, restaurants, market places and on passenger trains and ships.

Police to Accept Submitted Videos as Evidence of Smoking Law Violations
19 December 2013
Cigarette smokers of Moscow, already beleaguered by last month’s ban on smoking in public places, must now be advised to beware any passerby with a recording device if they decide to risk having a smoke inside.
Moscow police officers will accept photographs and video recordings of people smoking in entranceways as evidence of a crime, Lyudmila Stebenkova, head of the Moscow City Duma’s committee for public health, said.
“How else can we fight smoking in entranceways if there are no cameras?” Stebenkova said, reported.
There are about 140,000 surveillance cameras in public spaces around Moscow but none in the city’s entranceways, which, as any Moscow resident can tell you, have long been a haven for smokers.
A countrywide ban on lighting up inside or within 15 meters of government buildings and other public places went into effect on Nov. 15 and will extend to restaurants, trains and hotels in the coming year.
The new law has already seen active enforcement from over 20,000 citizens who signed on to help implement the ban, said Alexei Mayorov, head of the city’s regional security department.
So far about 1,000 Muscovites have been penalized for violating the ban, each receiving fines of up to 3,000 rubles, Rapsi reported Monday.
Mikhail Pashkin, head of the Moscow police trade u nion, advised against actually recording a neighbor smoking. “Such actions can provoke the neighbor to a conflict. It’s better to calmly explain that the smoke bothers you,” Pashkin said.
Video seems to be an increasingly popular way of catching those who break rules in Russia. Police have started using recordings from car dashboard cameras to catch traffic violators and the Education Ministry recently announced it will use video surveillance to monitor the Unified State Exam starting next year.
The Moscow Times

Dispelling the Smoke Screen
28 October 2013
By Alexei Pankin
The statement that “smoking is harmful to your health” is only a theory, not a medical fact.
Take, for example, the finding that a nonsmoker would have to be exposed to the smoke from 1,170 cigarettes over a 10-hour period in an average 30-square-meter room to receive the “minimal risk” dosage of methyl chloride. In the same room, it would require 222,000 cigarettes to produce the “minimal risk” of benzopyrene. Smokers and nonsmokers have an almost equal chance of contracting cancer, and those who quit smoking have a slightly higher incidence than those who continue.
These statistics were recently published by journalist Dmitry Kosyrev, a deputy director at a key news division of RIA Novosti, and in my opinion, Russia’s best international commentator. In other words, this is a person who stands behind everything he writes. The information cited here was published on, the website of the national smokers’ rights movement. What’s more, each of the statements includes links to the results of world-class research so that readers can check the accuracy of the statements themselves.
For example, Philippe Even, a prominent pulmonologist and former head of French research institute Necker, holds that the alleged dangers of passive smoke are unsubstantiated. But he waited until retiring from his post before publishing his scientific findings to avoid the wrath of anti-smoking zealots. If that surprises you, recall “Climategate,” when it became known in 2009 that the world’s leading scientists had been fooling the public for 15 years into believing that global warming was caused by human factors. Such scandals have been rife over the past two decades — everything from the Y2K scare and the ozone hole to swine flu and bird flu.
Ironically, at the same time that Russia’s anti-smoking campaign was shaken to its very foundations, Gennady Onishchenko, Russia’s chief sanitary inspector and main anti-smoking advocate, was dismissed from his post. He was known for his idealism and self-righteousness, coupled with his access to administrative resources. In recognition of the dual-sided nature of his character, journalist Mikhail Leontyev dubbed Onishchenko the “F?hrer of Hygiene.” Onishchenko even threatened to crack down on the State Duma if it interfered with his battle against smoking.
Fortunately, the conflict did not end in another Russian Revolution. The new anti-?smoking law was immediately dubbed the anti-smokers law. Overnight, the 50 percent of Russians who smoke were turned into victims and potential lawbreakers. Airports are suing for the right to install rooms for smokers, and when the ban on advertising tobacco products goes into effect this November, newspapers and magazines will lose up to 3 percent of their advertising revenues — with no means in sight for making up lost profits. That means that people’s favorite publications will go up in price, print runs will decline, and people will be put out of work. And all of this in the name of fighting an evil that it turns out might be nothing more than a phantom.
Perhaps Onishchenko’s departure will do something to ameliorate the lives of smokers and the economy.

Mikhail Boyarsky, the famous actor, is the leader of The Smokers Rights movement created in Russia.
I should be happy but the movement’s platform raises a lot of questions and is very frustrating.
1. “We refuse to promote, or to idealize heroes of the smoking process.”
– Exactly what is smoking propaganda? For example, anti smokers accuse us of propaganda even when we quote the classics.
2.”We do not dispute the scientific fact of harm of smoking to human health …”
– That it is a “scientific fact” should be disputed. This shows that these people who are defending the rights of smokers do not know the subject or are knowingly accepting the false science, and that’s even worse.
3. “We also support the efforts of the State to promote smoking cessation and the creation of effective health care to citizens who wish to stop smoking.”
– What DO they support? Lies that enrich pharmaceutical companies? The whole purpose of the anti-smoking policy is to force people to quit, increasing the profits made out of smoking cessation drugs.
-Will they support smokers who do not choose to quit, to still access health care?
4. “Rejecting censorship, we nevertheless recommend that authors of works of art of any form and genre, give up smoking propaganda or justification. Greatest awareness and responsibility must be exercised by the authors of works for children and adolescents.”
– Again, what does it exactly mean? And what should be done with the art that already exisist? Must we burn all books or paintings where smoking is present for the sake of political correctness?
In short it’s bullshit in my humble opinion, not a movement for smokers’ rights. It is a pity…Even insulting… I was expecting much more from Russia.
On the other hand, as far as I can see, most of the existing parties are cautious and unconditionally agree with the official lies.
Although, maybe this is just a strategy, and I just do not catch on?

Russian smoking ban bill headed for parliament
Oct 18, 2012
The Russian government has backed proposed legislation that would ban smoking in public places, paving the way for the draft law to be debated in parliament.
The bill, which would also limit tobacco advertising and sponsorship, aims to help tackle a public health crisis in the world’s No.2 market after China.
“The draft law foresees a total, complete ban on smoking in public places … Gradually, by Jan. 1, 2015, restaurants, cafes and other retail outlets must be free from smoking,” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told his cabinet meeting, according to a transcript on the government’s website.
The number of sale points will be reduced and advertising limited, Medvedev said.
Foreign tobacco firms – including British American Tobacco , Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco, and Phillip Morris – control more than 90 percent of Russian sales and have been lobbying to soften the proposed legislation.
Russia launches smoking crackdown
October 16, 2012
Russian prime minister launches a smoking crackdown, proposing to ban smoking in public places from 2015. Sarah Sheffer reports.
Watch the video.

Russia should be commended for not feeding into the pharmaceutical nicotine special interests
June 29, 2007
Contrary to this Russian editorial opinion article: , the Russian government should be commended for not caving into the hype, hysteria, and gross exaggerations about secondhand smoke.
Air quality test results from around the world and published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) confirm that secondhand smoke is actually 2.6 – 5,000 times SAFER than Occupational Safety & Health workplace air quality standards.
The special interest groups that fund the smoking ban movement have questionable financial ties to the pharmaceutical nicotine industry which manufactures products such as Nicoderm, Nicoderm CQ; their motives for reduction of tobacco use are purely profit driven. These same special interest groups have also funded researchers internationally to produce exaggerated and fabricated results to bolster their agenda…….but it is a profit driven agenda pure and simple.
Voluntary reduction of tobacco use is a noble endeavor, but to use lies and exaggerations to persuade politicians that smoking bans are necessary is an unforgivable crime……..especially given the financial devastation these bans leave in their wake.
Thank you for taking the time to research the links provided above.
Mark Wernimont
Minnesota USA

Smoking ban advances in Russia, Germany
May 25, 2007
MOSCOW — First beer, now smoking.
Russia’s lower house of parliament gave preliminary backing to a new wide-ranging restrictions on smoking in public Friday, the latest in series of legislative measures aimed at regulating Russians’ health and public behavior.
The legislation, passed by the State Duma 406-0, all but bans smoking in workplaces, on airplanes, trains and municipal transport as well as in schools, hospitals and government buildings. It requires specially designated smoking areas to be set up.
The bill also requires restaurants and cafes to set up no-smoking areas.
German lawmakers on Friday passed a similar ban on smoking on public transport and in federal buildings, including the parliament, although the plan allows for special rooms to be set aside for smokers. It still needs approval from the upper house of parliament, where the government also has a majority.
People in Russia found lighting up outside of designated spaces will be fined from $100 to $200 for individuals, while businesses and organizations face penalties up to $4,000, according to the RIA-Novosti news agency.
German officials have said offenders there could face fines ranging from $6.70 to $1,340.
Russia’s no-smoking bill must go through two more readings in the Duma before being sent to the Federation Council for approval and to President Vladimir Putin for his signature.
On Wednesday, the Duma gave preliminary backing to a measure that would prohibit beer drinking in streets, parks and public squares for both adults and minors.

Russian Lawmakers Approve Smoking Ban
Russia’s upper house of parliament today approved a bill on banning smoking in public places.
Lawmakers in the Federation Council voted 90-19 in favor of the bill. In order to become law, it has to be signed by President Vladimir Putin. The bill was adopted unanimously by the Duma, the lower house.
Russia has the fourth highest smoking rate in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO estimates that at least 60 percent of Russian men over the age of 15 smoke.
24 November 2004

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