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MOSCOW.? November 12 (RIA Novosti)
On Friday the Russian State Duma adopted in the final third reading the law limiting smoking of tobacco.

It prohibits retail sale of tobacco products in healthcare, cultural, sports and educational institutions and within a 100-meter radius from them.

In order to reduce harmful influence of tobacco smoke, the law also bans smoking at work, in public transport, on board aircraft is the flight is shorter than three hours, in closed sports facilities and in governmental buildings, except in specially allocated places.

The law comes into force after 180 days since its official publication.

Russia backs plan for smoking ban

The lower house of the Russian parliament has approved legislation to ban smoking in public places.

If the bill is given backing by the upper house, new laws will come into force for one of the biggest cigarette-smoking populations in the world.

The legislation will prohibit smoking in workplaces, enclosed sports facilities and government offices.

It will also outlaw all sales of tobacco in health care facilities and sports venues.

But correspondents say it may have little effect – the current smoking ban on public transport is widely ignored.

Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption are two of Russia’s most widespread public health problems, contributing to the country’s declining average life span.

Beer ban

Latest figures from the World Health Organisation put Russia in fourth place among the highest-smoking countries.

Earlier this week, the upper house of the Russian parliament rejected a bill backed by the lower house that would have banned the consumption of beer in public.

But a diluted version of the bill may still emerge, when a commission reworks the legislation to try to secure approval by both houses of parliament.

Beer consumption in Russia has doubled in the past five years.

Around 30% of the beer bought in Russia is consumed immediately, as many people find it too expensive to buy alcohol at restaurants and bars.

Russia introduced tough beer advertising laws in September, banning commercials between the hours of 0700 and 2200.

The use of people and animals in beer ads will be prohibited as of next year.

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