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Denmark Smokers Rights
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Anti-ryge eksperter var betalt af Big Pharma
28. oktober, 2014
By Klaus Kjellerup
– Medicinalgiganter st?r bag officielle forbudsrapporter
– Top-eksperter sendt ud af komite: Fik medicinalpenge i ?rtier
– Dommer: T?tte b?nd til Glaxo & Pfizer g?r deres r?d “suspekte”
En domsudskrift fra en retssag i USA har dokumenteret massive interessekonflikter hos tre fremtr?dende anti-tobakseksperter, som var p? l?nningslisten i medicinalindustrien, mens de var udpeget af USA-regeringen som videnskabelige redakt?rer for de officielle “Surgeon General” sundhedsrapporter om tobak. Det g?lder bl.a. rapporten “Nicotine Addiction” i 1988, og rapporten om passiv rygning i 2006.
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In English
Anti-smoking experts paid by Big Pharma
Surgeon General editors received pharma money for decades
Top experts must leave advisory panel: Massive conflicts of interest
Judge: Close ties with Glaxo & Pfizer make their advice “suspect”
By Klaus K, researcher

Are Health Laws making Danes sick?

17 March 2014
By Klaus K.

♦ United prevention failure: Health expenditure rose by 8 billion kroner

♦ Significantly more disease in Denmark after smoking legislation and health crusade


Paternalism-Denmark: Five years of smoking law & the paternalistic health policy has not led to more health in Denmark. On the contrary, the Danes have become much more ill.

The many health campaigns and a political focus on the Danish “unhealthy lifestyle” that was supposed to have reduced unrestrained spending on illness and disease in Denmark has not had the expected result. On the contrary. The result should embarrass all Danish health politicians:

Multiple disease hospitalizations increased: Preliminary cost: about 8 billion extra per year.

Since the smoking law and the other “preventative health & lifestyle measures” diseases, hospitalizations have exploded at a pace not seen before in Danish statistics:

In 2012, there were 1.33 million annual hospital admissions – it was 150,000 more than in 2006, or 13% more. The figure covers all admissions, including births – but as the birth rate has dropped significantly since 1995, it is safe to draw this conclusion:

The Danes are far more sick today than before 2007, when the authorities began to interfere actively in people’s lifestyles. The graph shows the evolution before and after the introduction of paternalistic policy – “Health Fascism” as some call it – with the smoking law in 2007 as the most significant measure aimed at extending the average Danish life span by three years and generally making the Danes more healthy.

The result has so far not lived up to the good intentions. It is clear when comparing admissions in two seven-year periods: From 2000 to 2006, and from 2006 to 2012 – the latest available figures:

Total hospital admissions, Denmark:

2000: 1,104,000
2006: 1,177,000 – an increase of 6.5%

2006: 1,177,000
2012: 1.327 million – an increase of 13%


The figures are official figures from Statistics Denmark . Until 2007, admissions grew at a fairly leisurely pace: 6.5% in seven years = 0.9% per year. However, the increase in admissions doubled to 13% in the seven years (1.9% annually) from 2007, when the authorities broke with the long liberal tradition of leaving people’s lifestyles to their own choice.

Instead the government proceeded to patronize thinking: the Danish way of life became a public issue, with the state now intruding into it. The smoking law began the pursuit of “preventive health measures” – with an explosion of illnesses and hospitalizations afterwards.

What, however, been done?

(Translated by Google.)

Read:? Netherlands Update
Small pubs welcome lifting of Dutch smoking ban.? According to a last minute email from The Smoker’s Club, European Regional Director, Wiel Maessen, we have some GOOD NEWS from the Dutch!

Smoking Ban Review: Denmark

February 5, 2009

News from Denmark’s evidence-based review of their smoking ban will no doubt come as a shock to Health Secretary Andy Burnham who has announced plans in Britain to further tighten tobacco control, in an attempt to reduce the number of smokers to 10% of the population by 2020.

Denmark currently allows smoking in smoking rooms and also in bars under a 40m2 serving area. Their law was reviewed after two years as planned in December 2009, and the ruling majority did not tighten their ban as everyone expected.

The reasons for this decision were:

1. Several other European countries relaxed their ban in 2009 because of financial trouble in the hospitality businesses. Liechtenstein, Croatia and Bayern all relaxed their bans and the Czech Republic voted against a ban. Greece relaxed its ban and although a total ban has been announced in Spain, it has yet to be implemented.? Politicians are very likely to do what other countries do.

2. The Health authority could not show any fewer heart attacks in the two years after the ban, which was reported to the parliament. The Health authority had expected this would happen – they almost promised it – leaving several politicians feeling that they were misled.

3. Those against the ban in Denmark made sure that their politicians knew about these things in detail – delivering the truth about the heart miracle studies from scientists and anti-tobacco professor Dr Siegel.

4. One of the two hospitality organizations in Denmark said that all the small smoking bars would close if the government tightened the ban further. They are now working to have further relaxation of the rules, i.e. to make it legal to serve food in the smoking rooms of restaurants within the limits of the law.

Interestingly, many of the Danish politicians feel that their health authorities are ‘spamming’ them. One of their leading health politicians said of the top high-profile female anti-smoking lobbyist: “She is just saying the same thing every day in the press”. The Danish politicians also welcome the views of the anti-ban movement and do not take the view that the ‘debate is over’.

Phil Johnson, chairman of Freedom2Choose asks, “Why do we not have smaller bars exempted or given choice? Why do we not have allowance for smoking rooms in larger pubs, clubs and restaurants? Why do we not follow the suit of most of our European counterparts who have quickly realised the dire economic impact of smoking bans? These latest proposals to reduce smoking prevalence to 10% are totally unattainable for you only have to see that smoking rates, after years of decline, have now increased since the implementation of our smoking ban in 2007. This appears to be the last desperate throw of the dice from a dying government hoping to appease the Health Lobby.”

Spokesperson: Dave Atherton: 0208 988 3038


Are you listening, Burnham?

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