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Doug Burlison update…

Libertarian Party member and City Council member becomes smoking Nazi and pushes outdoor smoking ban
Doug Burlison, Libertarian Party member, is a city council member for Springfield, MO, it’s one of the biggest seats a member of the Libertarian Party has been elected to (population-wise) nationally.
This is why pushing a political party doesn’t matter. It’s all about who you elect.
Burlison said about adding an outdoor smoking ban to the present smoking ordinance, “I’m comfortable with it”, would also ban chewing tabacco and even e-cigs (which have no smoke)
for those that want to shout out to Doug on his Nazi-like ideas:
General C – Doug Burlison
Office: 417.864.1651
Fax: 417.864.1649
Term Expires – 2015
– Plans & Policies
– Community Involvement

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