News: MN Anoka Tech Community College USES STUDENTS

Let these people know that using children in a classroom is NOT acceptable for anyone!

An instructor from Anoka Tech Community College assigned her class an assignment, worth 20 points I might add, to write an email to MN Governor Tim Pawlenty and or Sue Jeffers stating their opinion of the state wide smoking ban.

Let these people know that using children in a classroom is NOT acceptable for anyone!

Health and Social Class Paper

20 points, related to chapter 11 in Applied Sociology.

Select one of these topics and write an e-mail to one of the people listed, and me, on the subject. By sending an e-mail, I want you to feel that you are applying your sociological thinking, and feel like you are writing for someone other than just me.

Topic 1: Smoking Bans and class

Write: Why do you think smoking bans are a bad or good idea?
Write to the Governor,? or the president of Minnesotan Against Smoking Bans
To whom it may concern-

I think the new state-wide smoking ban is wonderful.? I hope it will turn national soon.? I used to smoke a pack of smokes a day and I still smoke when I go out drinking.? It’s nice to walk into the bar and be able to see your friends across the room.? I do not miss the thick haze of smoke that filled your lungs with every breath you took, nor? do I miss going home smelling like an ashtray.? I don’t think it was ever fair for non-smokers to have their lungs polluted anyway!?

Also, I think that saying smoking bans are about social class and not health is a bunch of bull.? There are people in every social class who don’t smoke and just because most of those patronizing bars/clubs/restraunts are from the middle and upper class does not mean they are being favored on a political basis.? I think it is a smart move for the owners to accommodate their best customers’ wishes.? It is a good business move for them.?? I feel like my children also benefit from the smoking bans because now I can take them out to lunch at Chili’s or Applebee’s and we can sit in the lounge and watch the game with out worrying that there growing lungs are being inhibited.?

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