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This commentary accompanies two articles submitted to Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations in response to a call for papers about threats to epidemiology or epidemiologists from organized political interests. Contrary to our expectations, we received no submissions that described threats from industry or government; all were about threats from anti-tobacco activists. The two we published, by James E. Enstrom and Michael Siegel, both deal with the issue of environmental tobacco smoke. This commentary adds a third story of attacks on legitimate science by anti-tobacco activists, the author’s own experience. These stories suggest a willingness of influential anti-tobacco activists, including academics, to hurt legitimate scientists and turn epidemiology into junk science in order to further their agendas. The willingness of epidemiologists to embrace such anti-scientific influences bodes ill for the field’s reputation as a legitimate science.
– A Newsletter Reader
June, 2013
Warning: Anti-tobacco activism may be hazardous to epidemiologic science

On Enstrom Firing, FIRE Asks UCLA: How Can It Be that Environmental Health Research Falls Outside the Mission of the Environmental Health Department?
By Michael Siegel
In a September 2 press release, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has questioned the academic freedom and scientific integrity at the UCLA School of Public Health, in particular, in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, asking how the Department could possibly have voted to terminate Dr. Enstrom’s long-standing employment at UCLA on the basis that environmental health research falls outside the mission of the environmental health sciences department.

IN MY VIEW: Secret Meeting of Faculty in Enstrom Firing Violated Due Process
By Michael Siegel, MD, MPH

The Enstrom Firing: Further Thoughts on the Stated Reasons for Termination and the Violation of Due Process
By Michael Siegel, MD, MPH

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