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Blinders UnMasked – the truth behind the tradition of lying
In 2008 the so called “animal activists” produced a documentary against the Carriage Horse Industry in New York City by using old footage, lies and innuendos titled Blinders. Blinders UnMasked! refutes may of the lies and propaganda spread against good hard working Americans who earn a living driving carriage horses to put food on their table, a roof over the heads of their families and send their children to school . . . and they pay taxes and have mortgages. Simply stated you are witnessing New York City: Black Beauty 2013. If you have not seen Black Beauty a movie classic yet, watch it and it will prove the age old adage of “history repeats itself” and it’s the same old story with the “rich vs the poor”. The Robin Hood Song is the perfect song as it fits perfectly to the on-going battle to shut down the Carriage Horse Industry first in New York City and if that happens it will create a domino effect causing those carriage horse businesses in other cities world-wide to shut down!
More videos from DeWitt Clinton Express!

H? O? O? R? A? A!
Helping Others Oppose Radical Activists and Associates is the name chosen to begin a movement to educate and inform the public on issues where big money backers have influenced public opinion and helped shape public policy.
The “Associates” in HOORAA are the politicians who take advantage of the stances of radical activists for their own political purposes and in this case, it is a land grab!

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