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September 19, 2014 – Issue #772

“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.”
– Winston Churchill

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!

The Property Rights Newsletter?September 19, 2014 – Issue #772

“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.”
– Winston Churchill

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!Conflicting Information on use of e-cigarettes, cigarettes, and cannabis.?The Indefatigable Frog, or Why this won’t stop us! So, ask youselves. Why am I angry? Why are many vapers angry? We did what you want, just not how you wanted us to, or BECAUSE you wanted us to, and you still persist with the demonisation. Except, this time, you are lying about us personally.?

International Call to Action! Tell the World Health Organization How E-Cigarettes Have Changed Your Life.?WHO is, to put it mildly, anti e-cigarette and has called for strict regulation of e-cigarettes, including a ban on e-cigarette use in public places. It sees e-cigarettes as challenging the core message of tobacco control and as a threat to WHO’s goals of a tobacco-free world. Here is how to email, write, phone, and fax the people involved.?

Truth in Media: Feds Says Cannabis Is Not Medicine – While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine.?Right now there is an awakening to the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes, specifically something called CBD oil. But is the new CBD craze being manipulated by media and politicians? If it weren’t we wouldn’t need to do a show about it. The first step toward truth is to be informed.

Conflicting Advice On Wine
Conflicting Wine Update:
?A bottle of wine a day is not bad for you and abstaining is worse than drinking, scientist claims. Former World Health Organisation alcohol expert Dr Kari Poikolainen has analysed decades of research into the effects of alcohol on the human body. His conclusion – drinking is only harmful when you consume more than 13 units a day – that’s four to five pints of beer or more than a bottle of wine – which typically contains around 10 units.?– AND –?A bottle of wine a day is harmless? The evidence suggests otherwise.?– AND –?UK Health ministers want to take the alcohol out of wine.

Conflicting Advice On Salt
Salt: Why Top Experts Give Wildly Conflicting Advice
?And What To Do Until They Figure It Out. The media were split. NPR, reported that salt is a “global killer”, while the Wall Street Journal warns that low sodium diets may “pose health risks.” It is possible to sort through the mess and decide whether you can safely salt your popcorn. Scientists on both sides come armed with data, so figuring out who is right requires a look at the way they are interpreting data and which assumptions they put behind it.

Soda makers headed down same road as tobacco
Soda makers headed down same road as tobacco.
?Soda makers are “taking a page out of the tobacco playbook by focusing in styles, flavors and price/mix to manage volume declines,” Cowen analyst Vivien Azer writes. Tobacco’s decades-old flight to filters and nicotine lights, for example, preceded soda’s rollout of diet and decaffeinated drinks. Flavors encompass menthol, in one instance, and the reintroduction of Fanta, in the other. Mix shifts have to do with packaging – different colors and designs – all in an effort to engage new consumer niches with a differentiated brand.

CA: Turlock Park.
?Local fumes over potential smoking ban. Girl Scout troop members are championing an effort to rid Turlock’s park of smoking. “You’re trying to take a freedom away and we’ve already lost enough freedoms,” said Carter.

GA: A Macon Nightclub Ends A Smoking Ban, 17 Days After They Began It.
?On Tuesday, management said “we goofed.” “Our customers have expressed a desire to go back to the way things were. And, in fact, the non-smokers were not becoming customers as fast as the smokers were becoming non-customers.

KS: If you smoke, you’re out.
?Patients sneaking a smoke or a chew at Salina Regional Health Center or any of the hospital’s other properties will be sent away. The hospital warned that patients who violate the policy will be discharged and considered leaving against medical advice. A nurse will remove the intravenous tube if they have one; tests and treatments will cease and the patient will be instructed to call for a ride home.

KY: Smoking Ban Passes in Owensboro.
?Henceforth, if you’re in a public place like a park or an outdoor dining facility, you will no longer be able to smoke. Big events like, say, the Barbecue Festival? Forget it. Don’t light up.

NY: Bloomberg-Era Reforms Haven’t Stopped New Yorkers From Smoking.
?New York City’s smoking rate has gone up. Nobody listened to Nanny Bloomberg. The National Center for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, took the city to task for its smoking regulations. “This failure in public policy provides the most striking and objective evidence to date showing that Mayor Bloomberg’s aggressive anti-smoking campaign has been ineffective,” said Jeff Stier, senior fellow at the National Center.

UK: Health chief steps down after crude ‘e-cig’ rant on Twitter.
?Professor John Ashton quit role as president of Faculty of Public Health. He hit back at one, saying: “Have you always been an anonymous c***.” And he told another: “I think I have identified a new species of human being this week. Obsessive, compulsive, abusive onanist with ecig tendencies.”

World Smokers News – See today’s breaking news about smoking.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
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