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October 29, 2010 – Issue #590

“I’m here to fight for truth, and justice,
and the American way.” (Superman)
“You’re going to end up fighting every elected
official in this country!” (Lois Lane)

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! WARNING! Single Bowl of Corn Flakes Causes Heart Damage Similar to That of Habitual Smokers, According to Reasoning of ANR and ASH. By Michael Siegel. . If any organization made such a claim, it would be attacked – and rightly so. Because it is an inaccurate extrapolation to tell the public that endothelial dysfunction is the same thing as heart damage. Obviously, you don’t see cardiologists going around telling their patients not to eat even a single bowl of Corn Flakes because it can cause heart damage similar to that of habitual smokers. The same phenomenon occurs after eating a single high-fat meal. And after consuming a single energy drink. And after experiencing acute mental stress. But it would obviously be untruthful to tell the public that consuming a single energy drink can cause heart damage similar to that of habitual smokers. Or that a brief episode of mental stress causes heart damage similar to that of habitual smokers. So how could it then be truthful to tell the public that being exposed to secondhand smoke for a mere 30 minutes causes heart damage similar to that in habitual smokers? The answer is that it is not truthful. Both ASH and ANR are disseminating lies to the public in making these statements, which exaggerate, extrapolate, and distort the science in a way that turns a potentially important piece of information into a lie.

From The International Mailbag

Canada: Philipina Schergevitch. 88-year-old woman told to butt out – or be evicted. Daniels said her mother has been smoking since she was 15 and has tried to quit, but at age 88, it’s hard. She’s been smoking in her suite since she moved there in 2000. “I understand no one likes smoking, but are these people lepers?” said Daniels. “It’s not fair. These people have contributed all their lives and now they’re treated like this.”
UK: Forest: Cut public spending on tobacco control groups.
UK: Hemingway and Castro star in the world’s largest auction of rare Pre-Embargo Havanas. Organised by C.Gars Ltd, will take place at Boisdale Belgravia in London on November 30, 2010.

From The USA Mailbag

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Smoking: A Winnable Public Health Battle? Winning the battle – completely abolishing smoking over the next decade – is possible, Katz said, but only if our politically polarized society bands together on legislation. And that’s not something he anticipates happening.

MN: Minnesota releases revenue numbers that verify what we’ve already known…..smoking bans destroy the hospitality industry. The auditor’s report proves the “Freedom to Breathe” Act was a complete failure and only serves to eliminate business and jobs while fulfilling special interests’ agenda.
NY: Two Tobacconist Associations Join to Fight Proposed Smoking Ban Extension. “We’re against legislated smoking bans of any kind.”
OK: The Board of Health has proposed changing the law to give local communities the authority to change laws in their jurisdiction. The plan still would have to be approved by the Oklahoma Legislature.
TX: Galveston City Council votes to keep ban changes. Gonzales said he encouraged businesses to remain smoke-free, “but it’s not our responsibility to set the rules.”
USA: Florida man launches “Bama” cigarettes with a playful nod to the smoker-in-chief. “It’s edgy,” said Rob Klotzback, one of the brand’s creators. “It’s easy to remember, the packaging is pretty attractive and it’s a good smoke.”

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
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