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The Property Rights Newsletter

October 15, 2010 – Issue #588

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble,
finding it whether it exists or not,
diagnosing it incorrectly,
and applying the wrong remedy.”
– Earnest Benn

The Property Rights Newsletter

October 15, 2010 – Issue #588

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”
– Earnest Benn

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! POLITICIANS IN THE PANTRY: Dr. Yvonne Kleine sounds off on Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson’s banning of soft drinks from folks on food stamps. Politically using those of us who have to depend on food stamps for their daily nutrition is just nasty and mean, and it is just one step further to control our daily lives. Nobody should be drinking huge amounts of soft drinks. But since when should a megalomaniac like Bloomberg tell anyone what they can eat and drink? What’s next, butter, cake mix, bagels? Bloomberg’s ban on smoking has done nothing but drive smokers underground or outside where they can be seen pitifully puffing away in even the foulest weather.

Revelations and Re-evaluations: By Michael J. McFadden. If they lied to us for all these years about the real goals of their smoking bans, why should we have any faith at all in what they’ve told us while leading us down that garden path? People need to read beyond the paid sound bites that pervade the media and actually look at the lack of substance behind the justifications for most smoking bans and at the harm those bans have caused.

From The Mailbag

MA: Cigar Association Condemns Cambridge Council for Proposed Smoking Ban Extension. McCalla said no studies exist that prove secondhand smoke represents any health risks indoors, let alone outdoors. He added that laws against littering already exist and should be enforced without wasting any more time on silly matters like this.

SC: Actual election details. All The South Carolina Races of Interest. Be ready for November 2nd.
SC: Smoking foes step up in Myrtle Beach area. Grants support push for smoke-free Horry.

Canada: First Nations start challenge of provincial tobacco tax restriction. “It’s a violation of our treaty rights to tax exemption and, unfortunately, this government hasn’t taken our treaty rights very seriously and our leaders are saying, ‘Stand up and do what you’re supposed to do,’ ” he said.

Canada: McGuinty Liberals unlikely to back Tory’s smoking bill. Progressive Conservative Gerry Martiniuk of Cambridge introduced the bill, but even he admitted the best course of action would be to lower taxes to eliminate illegal cigarettes.

Ireland: Tobacco control quango to go up in smoke. John Mallon, who runs smokers’ lobby group Forest Eireann is understandably delighted at the OTC’s demise. “The Office of Tobacco Control should never have been set up. Tobacco is a perfectly legal product, its use is self-regulating and you don’t need a government agency to tell you how much you can smoke. “We are campaigning for the right to have comfortable smoking rooms in pubs. To have people smoking out in the open is pure vindictiveness,” he added.

Greece: Eight in 10 Greeks violate smoking ban. The new Socialist government hoped fines would work after a partial ban in 2009 was largely ignored, but the law is flouted, again.

Scotland: Government Defies Public Opinion. Eddie Douthwaite has a further problem with the answers given by Cabinet Secretary Shona Robison. Most respondents wanted the exemption currently enjoyed by mental health facilities to remain in place.
More: Progress to smoke-free mental health: Scottish Government rides roughshod over consultation findings.

UK: At last! An end to the elf ‘n’ safety madness as meddling officials face fines if they ban events. Health and safety zealots blamed for creating a ‘national neurosis’ are finally to be reined in. Lord Young, 78, said ‘petty tyrants’ had been allowed to flourish under Labour.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
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