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Overweight policemen around the world update…

Indonesia: City targets pot-bellied police. Overweight policemen in an Indonesian city have been ordered to join an exercise programme as many of them are currently too slow to catch fleeing criminals. “The pot-bellied police run too slow,” Wahyu Widada, police chief of Tangerang, near the capital Jakarta, told AFP. Around 130 officers deemed excessively overweight out of the 1,473-strong force will undertake compulsory physical exercise three times a week for a total of four-and-a-half hours.

Malaysia: State to whip pot-bellied cops into shape. Fat police officers in Malaysia’s central state of Pahang will soon be forced to attend daily exercise sessions in response to criticisms that many in the force were out of shape, a newspaper reported Wednesday. “I am aware that there are personnel in the force who are pot-bellied and overweight,” said state police chief Sharifuddin Abdul Ghani.

Pakistan: Warns Pot-bellied Cops To Diet or Quit. A Pakistan police commander has ordered tens of thousands of pot-bellied officers to diet or quit frontline duties, officials said Monday in what one newspaper dubbed the “battle of the bulge.” Habibur Rehman, police chief in Pakistan’s most populous province Punjab, has ordered 175,000 personnel not to allow their waistlines to exceed 38 inches (96 cm), spokeswoman Nabila Ghazanfar told AFP. At least 50 percent of Punjab police are overweight, Ghazanfar said.

Thailand: Potbellied police told to lose weight as 60 overweight Thai officers are sent to 12-day boot camp. Five most common concerns among officers were obesity, high cholesterol, liver problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. It includes dawn-to-dusk exercise and lectures on healthy eating at a police training centre in Bangkok. The officers wear T-shirts with the slogan “Get rid of the belly” and start their days with pre-dawn jogs, yoga, aerobic dance classes and lessons from nutritionists. They also do tai chi to reduce stress and improve the body’s blood flow.

Vietnam: Paunchy traffic policemen not allowed working on the road. Hanoi’s traffic police officers who have a pot-belly, undersized and speak improperly will be arranged to do paperwork, not having contact with people. The traffic police teams in Hanoi are reviewing their members to make the list of police officers, even the young ones, who have big waists.

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