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Vapourless E-liquid Update…

British E-cigarette Brand Launches Vapourless E-liquid to Address Vaping Bans
March 12, 2014
– Clearing the air for the e-cigarette industry….
JAC Vapour, the UK’s leading high quality e-cigarette brand, has today unveiled an innovative new product that could revolutionise vaping in public spaces.
‘Clear Steam’, is the first British-made branded e-liquid that emits no vapour when exhaled and is the only product of its kind on the market that has been developed by a mainstream brand.
Unlike existing e-liquids, which e-cigarette devices convert into a fine harmless mist that the user exhales, the vapour produced by Clear Steam dissipates prior to being exhaled. Developed in British laboratories following extensive research, JAC Vapour’s investment in Clear Steam aims to make e-cigarettes even more distinguishable than their traditional counterparts – a visual concern that has resulted in a spate of public bans.
This new addition to JAC Vapour’s range, will have the same strength, flavour and throat hit that the brand’s high quality e-liquids are renowned for, whilst offering an effective solution to address concerns raised around the issue of vaping in public.
The launch of Clear Steam marks a significant milestone for the forward thinking Edinburgh-based company who champion industry innovation.
Emma Logan, Co Founder of JAC Vapour comments:
“Our team is committed to developing new products that suit vaper’s fast changing needs and the launch of Clear Steam is a great example of this.
Vaping has no second hand properties or risks, but many people and businesses see the vapour and assume it must have, or they confuse e-cigarettes with traditional cigarettes. By addressing the visual aspect of vaping, we hope to alleviate these public misconceptions of the product in some situations and enable e-cigarette users to vape without prejudice by adding a vapourless e-liquid to their kit.”
Once considered a passing fad, an estimated 1.3 million people in the UK now use e-cigarettes and the number is rapidly rising. Designed to offer smokers a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, the electronic delivery devices give smokers the ritualistic simulation of smoking, without producing any of the harmful second hand properties that are in tobacco. Although e-cigarettes contain nicotine, research has shown that its second hand properties are minimal and although it can be absorbed from second hand vapour it is too small an amount to cause an addiction.
Clear Steam has been independently tested and meets all UK and EU industry standards. Available in a variety of strengths and flavours, including Real Tobacco Lite, Pure Menthol, Vanilla and Strawberry Chew, the 10ml bottles will retail for ?5.19, the same price as JAC Vapour’s premium UK-made e-liquids. In addition to being compatible with all the brand’s own e-cigarette models, Clear Steam can also be used in any refillable device available on the market.
Founded in 2010, JAC Vapour produce the simplest, best looking and most advanced high quality e-cigarettes on the market. Their new Clear Steam e-liquid will be available via their online store and dedicated approved wholesalers.
For further information visit: http://www.jacvapour.com
Notes to Editors
Edinburgh-based, JAC Vapour was formed in 2010 to meet the growing demand for electronic cigarettes in the UK. It is now established as one of the foremost high quality e-cigarette producers and a market leader in terms of quality, technology and industry innovation.
The company was founded by Andy and Emma Logan who managed to kick a long standing smoking habit after discovering e-cigarettes on a trip to the US. Their success and a strong personal belief in the benefits of e-cigarettes as a safer, alternative to smoking, is at the core of the company ethos today.

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