Electronic Cigarette: Rush Limbaugh Libs Hell Bent on Banning ECigarettes


How many of you are using e-cigarettes?

Libs Hell-Bent on Banning E-Cigarettes
March 27, 2014
Rush Limbaugh
RUSH: How many of you people are partaking of these electronic cigarettes? How many of you are using e-cigarettes? It’s an increasing number of people. But, man, the New York Times is just hell-bent on wiping them out — and not just the New York Times. Democrats everywhere are hell-bent on wiping out this product. You would think that they would try to come up with a way to tax it.
They haven’t banned cigarettes. I mean, how many years have they been talking about cigarettes as killer and ruination for our children? But they never ban the product. They still sell it. They’re using tax revenues, sale tax revenue from the sale of tobacco products to fund children’s health care programs. They can’t ban tobacco, but they are hell-bent on getting rid of electronic cigarettes. They’re lying about things in the process of doing it.
There was a story in the Times on March 24th, so three days ago. “Selling a Poison by the Barrel: Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes — A dangerous new form of a powerful stimulant is hitting markets nationwide, for sale by the vial, the gallon and even the barrel. The drug is nicotine, in its potent, liquid form — extracted from tobacco and tinctured with a cocktail of flavorings, colorings and assorted chemicals to feed the fast-growing electronic cigarette industry.
“These ‘e-liquids,’ the key ingredients in e-cigarettes, are powerful neurotoxins. Tiny amounts, whether ingested or absorbed through the skin, can cause vomiting and seizures and even be lethal.” For those of you in Rio Linda, that means they can kill you! “A teaspoon of even highly diluted e-liquid can kill a small child.” There’s only one problem. There is not one recorded instance of it, because people do not drink it.
Nobody has been caught being killed drinking the stuff. What happens is, you put it in the electronic cigarette. It’s got electronics in there ’cause it’s an electronic cigarette. There’s a battery in it. When you puff on it, or when you draw on it, it heats up the liquid. In the tip of the e-cigarette, there’s a little LED that turns orange.
It looks like the tip of a real cigarette lighting up when you draw it, and then it turns that liquid into water vapor. The water vapor is what the e-cigarette smoker inhales. Water vapor. There’s no fire. There’s no tobacco. There’s no toxins. There’s no carcinogens. There’s zilch, zero, nada. But the left is just enraged by them. I’ve told you my story of these things in Hawaii.
I’m not gonna bore you with it again, but they just don’t want to see you do it. It’s a bad image, it’s a bad example — and, of course, it looks cool. That’s not good for our children. Now, we can give ’em condoms all day long and say, “Go at it!” We can give ’em condoms, we can send ’em to Planned Parenthood, and that’s cool. But that e-cigarette? No way, Jose!
We are gonna ram ’em down everybody’s throat. We’re gonna cancel ’em. We’re gonna ban ’em. We’re gonna do whatever we can to get rid of them. This is from a New York Times story: “Reports of accidental poisonings, notably among children, are soaring.” No, they’re not. Hang on. “Since 2011, there appears to have been one death in the United States [Gasp!], a suicide by an adult who injected nicotine.”
Well, wait a minute. Injecting it is not drinking it for the cool flavor of it. Injecting it? That means you have to take the vial apart to get to the liquid and then you’d have to suck it up in the syringe and then inject it into you. One death! (New Castrati impression) “That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh. It’s one death too many. We don’t need to introduce it to our children and the people of our society.”
The Times: “[L]ess serious cases have led to a surge in calls to poison control centers. Nationwide, the number of cases linked to e-liquids jumped to 1,351 in 2013, a 300% increase from 2012… Examples come from across the country. Last month, a 2-year-old girl in Oklahoma City drank a small bottle of a parent’s nicotine liquid, started vomiting and was rushed to an emergency room. …
“In terms of the immediate poison risk, e-liquids are far more dangerous than tobacco, because the liquid is absorbed more quickly, even in diluted concentrations. ‘This is one of the most potent naturally occurring toxins we have,’ [said some clown named] Cantrell said of nicotine.” He’s talking about nicotine. Nicotine is the most addictive drug out there. Without question.
It’s more addictive than crystal meth. It’s more addictive than heroin. It’s more addictive than cocaine. It’s more addictive than anything. Do you know how you prove that? It’s really simple. Nobody, nobody has a pleasant first experience with it. Have you ever seen somebody smoke their first cigarette? (coughing) They run to the bathroom, all the while swearing they are never gonna do that again.
But within minutes, they’re taking their next drag. Nobody has a pleasant first experience with it. Nicotine can raise the blood pressure, but let me cut to the chase here because all of this is the New York Times is basically “blowing smoke.” There’s a story that the Times is not telling, or they’re burying. E-liquid, this nicotine liquid in the cigarettes, “makes up only a small percentage of the substances that poison people each year.”
There are a lot more poisons out there that kill people and make ’em sick than this stuff.
“[E]ven if the number of e-liquid poisoning cases jumps to 15 times the 2013 level, toothpaste is still the more prevalent poison.” Toothpaste! Let me put this in perspective for you. “According to the [National Poison Data System]’s annual report from 2012 — the most recent publicly available report — 193,443 poisoning cases involved household cleaning agents, 54,445 involved alcoholic beverages, 11,848 were caused by pens or other ink, and 20,306 were caused by toothpaste.”
Toothpaste? Yeah, toothpaste! You don’t see the New York Times trying to ban that. Now, you could be saying, “Well, wait a minute, toothpaste? Toothpaste, that isn’t as dangerous. Liquid nicotine could kill people, even in small doses. Toothpaste can’t.” That happens to be true. However, despite that, not a single person, folks, has died from accidentally liquid nicotine poisoning. Not even any children.
There is no crisis!
There is just a bunch of biased nanny, namby-pamby liberals that do not want you to enjoy yourself and want to do anything they can to control you. I’m not defending e-cigarettes. My point is if you want to do it, go ahead! Nobody drinks the stuff. It would never occur to anybody to drink it. Nobody has. There has not even been an accidental instance of this, even among our children.
Yet the New York Times writes a massive story on this. The nicotine that’s in one of these canisters that’s in a cigarette, one of these vials? There’s not enough of it to cause death in anybody. The Times mentions that, but you’ve gotta wade all the way to the bottom of the story. Again, I’ve got nothing in this. I’ve got no dog in this fight. I’m not invested in it either way. I’m just big into freedom.
I just resent the hell out of a bunch of superiorist liberals coming along and treating everybody like they don’t know what’s good for them and lying to them and making things up; putting all these crisis-oriented scare things out there about food, coffee, whatever it is. If they don’t want to smoke these things or use ’em, fine. But like every other thing that liberals get involved with, if they do it, you have to do it.
If they don’t do it, you can’t do it.
It’s time somebody just told ’em to pack it and put it somewhere where the sun don’t shine.

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