Defiance: Queensland Won’t Enforce Bans

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Queensland Update…

Push to ban ‘no smoking’ zones in Qld
November 24, 2014
Queensland councils are fighting against a push to expand ‘no smoking’ zones in public spaces. Damien Hansen reports.
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Qld councils won’t enforce new smoking bans

January 22, 2005

The Local Government Association says it is not surprised councils want no part in enforcing Queensland’s new smoking laws.

Councils can volunteer to police the smoking bans on patrolled beaches, near children’s playgrounds and outside buildings.

But a number of them have this week revealed they have refused.

The association’s Tony Good says he expects most of Queensland’s 125 councils will decline any enforcement role.

“The majority of the anecdotal feedback we’re getting from members would suggest that the majority probably, at this stage, won’t be opting in to the enforcement program,” he said.

“It is understandable given the amount of resources that is required to administer any form of enforcement.”

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Bundaberg council refuses to police smoking laws

February 7, 2005
Bundaberg City Council has told Queensland Health it is not enforcing new smoking regulations that came into force at the start of the year.

It is now illegal to smoke close to playgrounds, entrances to buildings, on patrolled beaches and in sections of some pubs.

Mayor Kay McDuff says the cost of enforcing the new smoking bans would be significant.

She says the State Government is cost-shifting.

“Well, we believe that we have not got the resources and if you can understand, most of the people who are possibly smoking would be smoking at late hours of the night,” she said.

“We would have to have officers available all hours of the day, almost 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.”

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