Another Ban Failed: TX Sam Houston State University

Texas Sam Houston State University Update…

Sam Houston State University
SGA not to support SHSU tobacco ban

November 2, 2011

The Student Government Association voted Tuesday to not support an “all-encompassing” tobacco ban on the university campus.

Pres. Tyler Eberhart was asked by the university to give an “opinion of the students” regarding tobacco on campus.

He asked the senate if they would vote for a complete ban on the policy. Only five senators voted in favor. The rest of the senate voted either for a partial, or amended, ban on all tobacco products.

“We need to take this seriously,” Eberhart said at the meeting. “We will hopefully be working on this through the semester and write the policy in January.”

Eberhart said the issue will be looked into carefully before proceeding on any policy.

The current university policy bans the use of tobacco inside university buildings.

The statewide policy bans the use at all public school events, libraries and museums (and more) because “those areas are open to the general public.”

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