Another Ban Failed: KS Sedgwick

Kansas Sedgwick says NO to ban.


One Harvey Community Bucks Non-Smoking Trend

Nov 20, 2007
by Rebecca Gannon

While places like Newton and North Newton are now non-smoking cities, another Harvey County community is bucking the non-smoking trend.

On Monday night, Sedgwick’s City Council voted down a smoking ban.

Cy’s Hoof and Horn is one of the few places in Sedgwick where people can smoke, and it will stay that way, after Sedgwick’s city council voted down a smoking ban.

That decision makes smokers and non-smokers happy.

“I wished I had never started smoking,” admitted Raymond Byrd, a Sedgwick resident. “But by the same token, it should be everybody’s own privilege not a body of people telling you how to live your life.”

Heather Bernard is a waitress at Cy’s and a smoker. She says it’s all a matter of choices, for her, and her customers.

“If a non smoker comes in and doesn’t like the air quality or the environment,” she said, “they have a choice to leave. But a smoker, if you walk into a non-smoking restaurant, they don’t have the choice of if they want to smoke or not.”

Restaurants worried if the smoking ban went through they would lose their smoking sections, and part of their business. For Bernard, that would mean a big cut in her tips. But on a slow Tuesday night, the non-smoking section – which is twice as large as the smoking – had four people in it. Smoking had double.

The city voted down the smoking ban 5 to 0; Mayor Donald DeHaven wasn’t one of those votes.

He wanted the ban.

“I think it’s good for the health of the people in the community,” said DeHaven. “It also has a benefit to the insurance rates we have.”

But the city spoke, and it will continue to let people light up.

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