Another Ban Failed: Ireland Leinster House Campus Ban Fails

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Leinster House Campus Update…

Motion to ban smoking throughout Leinster House campus fails
Forest Eireann welcomes “victory for common sense”

November 15, 2012

The smokers’ group Forest Eireann has welcomed the failure of a motion to prohibit smoking throughout the Oireachtas as a “victory for common sense”.
Senator John Crown wanted to remove all designated outdoor smoking areas on the Leinster House campus which would have forced people to leave the grounds before they could light up.
The motion was rejected by the Joint Committee on Health and Children. Members agreed with Senator Crown’s objective (a reduction in the number of people who smoke) but expressed concern for the personal safety of staff forced to leave the grounds.
Instead the Committee voted for an amendment that supported a voluntary approach to smoking prevention.
John Mallon, spokesman for Forest Eireann, said:
“This is a victory for common sense. Tobacco is a legal product and smokers are entitled to light up outside where they are not inconveniencing anyone.
“Senator Crown’s motion had one objective, to force people to give up smoking. People should have a choice and education is better than coercion.
“The Health Committee’s decision is based on pragmatism and we welcome this sensible approach to policy making.”

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